The Gift of Giving!

So sorry this was a bit delayed. Data frakking can be intense, all those zeros and ones and my geek girl in me gets all giddy and lost (not to mention I was a lil busy stormin the EA castle). Heheheh. Anywho, I wanted to help you all get some clarification on the payouts and drops for the gifts. So without further ado…


Once you place the prize depot in your town, a countdown begins. Once every 12 minutes a new present will drop into your town. This will continue until, combined with the gift bags your neighbors drop, you hit 60 total gifts and presents. Then no more will drop or can be placed until you clear some out and make room.


Next up, the payout …
85% chance you will get a small present/gift stuffed full of 3 gift cards
15% chance you will get a large present/gift stuffed full of 6 gift cards

ico_xmas_spintoken_5 (1)

Now if you are one of those lucky ones to get the elusive Golden Gift Bag, you will get a chance at extra Gold Coin Tokens.
4% chance it will have 3 tokens
14% chance it will have 2 tokens
82% chance it will have 1 tokens

2013-12-15 11.31.25 (1)

(In case you were wondering, the elves have a .5% chance of finding Golden Coin Tokens.)

So that about wraps this one all up. (See what I did there?)


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  1. I still have not gotten 1 golden chocolate spin token on my Springfield yet my husband has gotten 1 out of his 30,000 + gift cards yet with my 61018 gift cards o spin tokens. I started late about 18+ hrs behind and haven’t been visiting all my neighbors houses yet I’ve achieved all the Christmas event prizes with some extras that have gotten 1,000 cash or 50 gift cards mostly on the prize wheel however I have gotten the shelter, ice goddess, homer, snowball 2, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, marge, snow monster, 10 house lights and still hoping for the last few house lights if I’m so lucky.

  2. So far I haven’t received anything other than gift cards when I visit my neighbours. Is it possible to get gift bags or coins from neighbours?
    Are the Golden Gift Bags different from ordinary bags? I haven’t got anything but gift cards or bags from the packages or gift bags placed in my Springfield…

  3. I just randomly was given all the prizes even though I am only on the forth I think and then my Springfield crashed and when I got back they were taken out of my inventory. Anyone else had this happen?

  4. I am getting so few gift bags, I can’t even give my neighbours one each (I have like 50).

    • It’s the same with everyone. Just for curiosity sake I didn;t give any out for a period of 24 hrs and collect 37. Good news is the community targets have dropped so we’re so much closer to all 5 prizes now.

  5. Is anyone else now having a problem dropping gifts in their neighbour’s towns? I had no problem with it until today. Before bed last night i dropped some in a friend’s town without problem, but today there is no icon to drop them in the top right of the screen.

  6. It seems like the community prizes are progressing way slower than the Halloween community prizes did… Anyone else noticing that?

  7. Hey Everybody! Still haven’t seen those golden gb’s… bummer πŸ™ Do you lovelies know how many prizes are available on the wheel? Like, if I robbed a donut truck how many could I get off the wheel?! Not saying I’m gonna, just a hypothetical Q. ;} Thank you!

  8. So, I definitely would love to get more spin coins, but I must say I am very happy with what I’ve won from the wheel so far! I wasn’t playing last Christmas, so I’ve been wanting those snow people so bad. So far I’ve already gotten Marge, Lisa, and Maggie snow people, and buff Snow Homer just showed up on the wheel! I’m a little impatient to get everything, but all the prizes are so cool!

  9. I had never seen or even heard of the golden gift bag until this post. I see everyone complainin about only being able to give 30-40 gifts to neighbors per day. I probably am able to give 100-125. I play about 4-6 times daily.

  10. Been super lucky so far and had two golden gift bags which each yielded one coin.

    Thanks for the info Bunny

  11. Has anyone found an easy way to find gifts that are dropped behind buildings that are hidden? I find either I have to start tapping on every building, and cancelling out if nothing is there, or else, go into “move” mode and select each building. If the building is opaque enough, you can see the gift behind it, or else, you select the gift which you can then move to a spot to see it on. Not sure if this was by design or not.

    • Easiest way is to unleash your elves from the fourth personal prize but alas, you won’t know which friend gave you the gift. The move mode is the surest way to find and know who your Secret Santas are.

      • Those elves are expert gift finders, earlier posts suggested they were limited to the area we place the elf house, is this the case they seem to zoom all over my Springfield.

        Nb no golden gift bags for me yet

        • They search homes mainly. So if you place them by homes, they’ll only search there. If you put them across town…they seem to go all over, but are still limited to mainly homes and go around to find them. Once found, they still only pull gifts from a limited few.

    • go into the moving function and select buildings and decorations to make it easy to see through them.

    • You can try hiding the buildings. Tap move button, then hide the buildings follow the methods in this post but click on the simpson house only to hide just the buildings. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

      • I do as Alissa suggests: Click the 4-way arrows/ move-stuff button, close the β€œeyes” for the buildings (just tap the Simpson house in the bottom right): That is what I do, then I can move the bag/present to a safer location.

        Presents will look like this when you do as Alissa said & I do –

        Happy Tapping πŸ™‚

  12. Wow, I am playing often (and I am only about 2k shy of the 10th personal prize), and I haven’t seen a single golden gift bag!

  13. Two questions: The extra golden coins come through gift bags and not through presents, correct? Also, once a gift bag is dropped in your town, does it stay there indefinitely or does it disappear after a certain time?

    • Per what I am reading, only in the Golden Gift bags. As far as the gifts…mine have stayed for 3 days (I tested theory). Only issue is once that 60 mark hits, you are missing out on getting extra free gifts every 12 minutes as well as from friends. They can’t drop when maxed out.

  14. i’ve already had two golden giftbags. each was one token a piece.. still holding out on getting a bigger payout lol

  15. Thanx for this bunnydud. Helps loads

    Add me if you can…..ajayd3


  16. That was awesome Bunny!
    One question: what are the odds of finding the Golden Giftbag?
    (Very Wonka-esque!)

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