EA Has Listened and Responded

So while I sit here going through all your comments, I can’t help but to giggle a little. Only a few months back we started this lil blog with the outlook of “sit back, relax, and share our fun and enjoyment with others”. We have come a long way since.

In that time, we started voicing our opinions over and over. Our “wish lists” if you will of ways that EA could make the game friendlier and easier to use. EA is really taking a look at all we say (Us and YOU) and has now made some pretty cool changes to the game that we have been asking for.

2013-12-15 16.35.24

The first big change is the Character Finder. For me, I started out in March of this year and slowly grew my Springfield. I was getting irritated as more and more characters were added into my game that were needed for tasks, but I just could not find them. Or it took what seemed like forever to find them. Frustrating. It got to the point that I even started removing all the roads and switching to pavement all over instead (this also helped with placement of items that can’t go on roads). Then putting small sections and squares of road in key locations to keep my characters to set areas. THAT was getting old too.

Along came EA to the rescue. We now have a really cool feature in our towns of the “Character Locator”. This has really been a great help. As you continually click the locator icon in the top left hand corner, it cycles through separate characters (you will see a magnifying glass by characters just hanging about town).

2013-12-15 16.19.23

To make it even better, it also shows you if a character is needed for a task my showing the exclamation symbol by their picture. This makes it really nice if you are unsure who is needed to start the next task.


I’m sure all of you are just as happy as me with this addition.

2013-12-15 16.37.47

The other really cool item that EA listened to our requests on is the Neighbor Navigation Street Signs. SO COOL. It was getting frustrating to me when I was on limited time and wanted to hit a few neighbors towns in a time crunch. I had to go to the neighbor home page, select a neighbor, wait for it to load, then do my tasks, then wait for it to back out to the home page, then start again on next neighbor. This seemed to take FOREVER. Because of this, It became more and more difficult for me to access all of my neighbors in BOTH my A & B games. So many times my neighbors were being missed.

Now that’s all changed. It is now just a quick hop to the neighbor home page, jump into the first town, complete my tasks, then a quick click on the right street sign in the bottom left corner while in a neighbor’s town and off I go to the next neighbor.


Forget to finish a task? Just use the left street sign to go back.


Super quick. Super easy. I can now FLY through all those towns.

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU EA!! Life just got a lil simpler in the TSTO world. What are your thoughts on the new changes?


29 responses to “EA Has Listened and Responded

  1. At the end of the monorail event, I’d like to see EA allow us to continue buying monorail track pieces with in game currency to build our monorail tracks all through our towns. That would allow for some really creative town layouts 🚝

  2. What about EA listening to us about Doughnuts as rewards when you have maxed out you FP, I get a few doughnuts here and there but not many. I get them from visiting my Neighbors, but some days a bunch someday a few and others NONE!

    • It’s all so random. I believe there is a coded % that they drop, but it’s really just random. Some days I’ll get 4 others none.

      • I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond but, I believe being that I’m maxed out on my FP that We should at least receive 2 or more for every other Neighbor. I’m a level 53 now and to get 3 Doughnuts if that to level up is so slack! It should at least be a dozen for each time you level up! Or at lest let us use our money we have on the game to trade for doughnuts, Like trading Krustyland tickets for cash! Thanks and again I’m sorry it took me so long to get back with you.

  3. Is there a way to change the order in which the characters pop up in the character locator? I would like to be able to sort the characters so that those with tasks that require another character pop up before the required character. For example have Bernice pop up before Marge for the “Pick on Marge” task.


    • EA sets up all the specifics on the game. No way to customize it to the player. You are welcome to contact EA and make the suggestion. 😉

  4. My character locator stopped working in December, and still isn’t working. What should I do?

    • First try uninstalling and reinstalling TSTO (but ONLY if you play using an Origin ID…if you’re playing anonymously do not do this, you may lose your game. If that doesn’t solve the problem your next best bet is to Contact EA. Hope that helps! 🙂

  5. Hey there im not sure where I should write this so im just writing here. I playnon my mobile phone and my tablet. Ive notice a dramatic change while using my tablet. The screen lags ( im not to savy on computer lingo) but its like it jumps from screen to screen in an old movie. And everything isnSO DIFFICULT to move or tap on. But when I use mybmobile its all fine. Theres a huge difference in a 4in and 10 in screen thou! Is there anything someonencan suggest to help my tsto game run right like it did before christmas..? Im close to 60 yrs old and that little screen makes it hard to see anything for me. I hope someone has a solution for this problem. Ive deleted several games thinking it was mynwpace issue. No change.

    • Not a problem. For future reference, there is a “Your Questions” section in our menu. Here is the link to that page…

      As far as your question goes, I have found that the “lag” in play where the screen begins to freeze, jump, go VERY VERY slow, etc…is due to two main issues. (For me at least.)

      The number one issue I find is that I just have too much stuff in my town creating a nightmare for the system to make all the characters, animation, plus the event work appropriately. So I end up storing unused items and buildings that do not seem to effect my bonus multiplier. (Like Halloween decorations.)

      Second, even though I may think I have enough space for the game to run, it is a HUGE file of information. Tablets do not always seem to have the same internal storage space as a cellular phone does. So I purchased and use additional mini SD cards for both my personal tablet and cell phone and moved/store the game on the external mini SD cards instead of the device memory. (32gb)

      Just an additional FYI…most tablets do run on ONLY WiFi. WiFi can be unstable and the strength of the signal coming and going can really vary at times. Especially during peak hours when EVERYONE is using it (I don’t just mean in your household. This goes for ALL the customers on your internet provider). This can definitely mess with your game and its ability to play and function appropriately. Your cell has multiple options of its internet connection through your mobile service as well as WiFi, so it will always have a stronger pull and ability to run smoother.

      I hope this helped you out to understand things a bit better. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask and we will do what we can to answer them. 😉

      • Thanks so much bunny for your quick response!! Everything was very helpful. And next time ill use the correct area to ask any question. Sorry about that. I too, have a sd card inserted but still major issues. Its too frustrating to even play on my tablet seems like im fighting someone else when ever im trying to move. The screen trys to move other place. But anywho thanks again bunny!

  6. I like the neighbor navigation but they should make it so that when you click the arrow it goes to the next neighbor with available tasks

  7. Thank you EA for the character finder. Funny story: Before they introduced the character finder, I had already developed a “character finder” myself. I left the Level 36 quest for 20 Springfielders to “Eat at Luigi’s” unfinished, and every time I needed a character, I brought up the quest, tapped “Do It,” and it took me to the next free character. The character finder is much more inclusive (limited-time characters work too) and it takes less taps to use, but it’s interesting that I beat EA to the character-finding idea.
    And also, the new friend navigation buttons are great, but after you do, say, 20 friends, go back to your town to collect rewards, and then go back to the main friend screen to start again, you have to scroll through all the friends you visited with the navigation buttons before seeing the next free one. As you move through towns, the main friend screen doesn’t move with you.

  8. This game seems to be one of the few gamer friendly things that EA still works at improving. The constantly get a bad rap for bad service and being a horrible company to work for but judging from the work they do on this game and improving it you wouldn’t know it.

    Either that or there is a strong push from the Simpsons end of the production to keep it top notch and fix any issues.

    I did read somewhere that the amount of money that they make on this game absolutely dwarfs what they do for their big market consoles and is really setting the model for companies in the mobile gaming industry going forward.

  9. anyone else notice a glitch in the over eat task that came today? all they do is wander around springfield but don’t go into any building.

  10. I’m still having that server issue despite finding the absolute best wifi. I keep gettig disconnected from the server and it makes it very difficult to get anything done when you have to retry, synchronize and open again. I did the survey they ask you to do in the troubleshoot section for problems with the server but I don’t know if it was worth it or not. I hope this gets resolved soon. I don’t want to lose my neighbors because they don’t get their gifts.

    • Do you have another device you can try it out on? See if it’s just the device you’re using? Have you tried hard closing the app and restarting it? Sometimes that helps clear any issues the game might having.

  11. These in game changes have been great gameplay is so much easier, with the character finder you can no longer leave and miss giving a character a task.

  12. yes Bunny! I’ve been playing this game almost since it’s inception and I think this is by far the best update they’ve had. I love that they combined it with the Holiday update and that they are keeping up with doing Community Prizes while they’re at it. From a day-to-day game changer, the Character Finder has to be the best time-saver they’ve thought of, especially as the character lists get longer and the towns grow. And they made it so simple! Couldn’t be easier to use on whatever device you’re on.

    A+ to EA on this update and would love to see an update that let’s you turn off/on the random tasks that popup on characters when your task list is low. If I want a character to do something, I’ll tell em to do it! And with the Character Finder in place, I won’t forget anyone!

  13. I love them both! Honestly, finding characters and visiting neighbors was so time consuming, I’d get sick of it and not play for a week unless there was something special going on. Fining the kids was the worst since they’re so tiny.
    I love being able to flip through my neighbors. It’s so quick! I don’t dread it anymore.

  14. Love them both!! Now if they’d make the Christmas update more like last years. I really liked being able to spend the Santa coins on items not just have them till they disappear.

  15. My Name is Caz545, and i am an addict
    Thanks for being here, so i that i know i am not alone!!!
    Wonder if EA or anyone else has thought of a way for ‘friends’ to communicate, maybe leave a short message? (or am i such a noob, and completely missing some feature)

    Also how cuz we aint got no community rewards yet?

  16. I did expect someone made a thread on this! This is just great attributes to help farm

  17. The character finder is a life saver! No more do I have to make all my buildings and accessories transparent to scroll through my world trying to find l’il old Rodd or Todd as I know I’ve not set them doing anything. Good work EA!

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