Where did THAT come from – Clausco

CLAUSCO… doesn’t that name just sound ominous? The building looks just as foreboding as that name makes me feel. Basically everything that’s wrong with corporate Christmas rolled into a manifestation in my favorite game lol.

clausco_menuIf this building didn’t come from my favorite Simpsons episode (Season 22, Episode 8: The Fight Before Christmas), I might say that it’s an ungainly large eyesore of a building just like Homer’s Skyscraper but that’s not my style. I leave the cranky posts for other writers.

Truth is, I dig this building because like I said, it’s in my fave (totes magotes) and if you want to make an uber Christmasy area in your Springfield, this building is just the ticket. In The Fight Before Christmas, Bart is transported to the North Pole on Otto’s Polar Express (man I wish this had come with the update too!)

This is the only full-view of the building. You can see that it even dominates the skyline of Santa’s turf. Later in the episode, when Bart goes to see Krusty Kringle himself, we get a couple other shots. I really dig this scene with the Polar Express taking off and Wiggum in a flying cop car chasing down Otto.

Quick shots of another new holiday building. Clausco is another one of the prizes on Krusty’s Holiday Wheel, so cross your fingers that the spinner spins just right for you. You get at least one chance every 24 hours, so my furry fingers are crossed for you.

Clausco 3 (1)

I think the little clouds in the icon indicate this building falls into the aspirational buildings category, hence its ginormousness. Despite its size, every time I look at this building, I remind myself of its owner and all the shenanigans which have to be going on inside.

Leave it to Krusty to channel his inner Billy Bob Thornton. TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. And it’s now available for doughnuts.

  2. totes MaGotes! Hahahaha funniest. commercial. ever.

  3. It’s holidays like this that make me wish Simpsons was on an easy to access by the episode directory type service like Netflix.

    I have no problem shelling out the cash for the DVDs and now Blu Rays every year to keep my collection complete but I wish they were all in an on demand format to quickly find all the episodes without figuring out what disc and season you want. How awesome would a Tree House of Horrors playlist be on Netflix to just hit and let role through all the seasons.

    Netflix and Hulu has really made it so much simpler to watch shows but their glaring omission(because of the almost billion $ potential contract to obtain those eps) of a The Simpsons makes it hard to call those a perfect delivery of media.

    Maybe in a few years after FXX has aired the eps they can get a deal with Netflix.

    • I so wish Netflix had them all. I mean, they have 10 seasons of Futurama. For now, I just enjoy the current season on Hulu and periodically browse through the clips they have from all the seasons.

  4. Hang in there Jansen! We will get there eventually. I am planning a Simpsons Holiday marathon and this is on my list. : )

  5. I want this so much!!! But guess have to settle with the Christmas lights first…

  6. Wow…
    I just said “Clausco” aloud, and it sounds very, very similar another giant chain of stores. All this subtle humor in the Simpsons is what makes the show so good.

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