Now is the winter of my 2D discontent

Ok… I know it is completely melodramatic to misquote Shakespeare to make my point, but it seemed like a great segway into today’s 2D Tuesday post.

Winter has come to Springfield.  With the vast blanket of white and programming tweaks to decorations came some changes for all the tappers who like to creat art in their towns.  Just check out what Old Man Winter did to Bunny’s Werewolf Flanders if you need proof.

Snowwolf Ned

Seems like winter decided to pull a snow job on the 2D art.  Meh and double meh.  I can’t lie and say I dislike winter.  Snow is really cool for the most part but for all it’s beauty and wow factor, the fact is it is cold and doesn’t stay pretty for long.

snowy wookieeHoth is quite nice for an ice planet but have you seen what it looks like after the snowspeeders have streaked across it all day long?  Don’t even get me started on what the Imperials did to it.  Reminds me of the dinginess of a street after it has been plowed and traffic has resumed.  Blah.

Fortunately for us, TSTO is immune to the second day ugliness of snow but (getting to the point of this post) it has made changes to my 2D art.  I initially was delighted but am on the fence about my opinion of it.

Bender's Frozen Butt Barrrrrrrt Icy Krusty Jub-Jubcicle

It seems like our 2D options have become brown and white, brown and white and brown.  Did I mention white?  It’s not completely horrible but right now I don’t feel the artistic urge to make a 2D snowball, snowpile, or box of snow.  In fact, I beginning to feel like a 2D Grumple.  I miss the pretty colors.  Somebody call me a wambulance!  Robert Byrne sums up my feelings on winter and the cold.

” Winter is nature’s way of saying, ‘Up yours.’ 

Well right back at ya winter!

Ok… I’m really not that bad.  No need to find the 2D version of Marley’s ghost to whip me back into a state of 2D festiveness.  I’ll admit that today I was in a skoshi of a 2D funk but out of nowhere, over at tapped-out, I saw an amazing example of what someone more in the holiday spirit than me could create with the winter decorations.

2D SantaHo ho ho jooooooooooooooooooooodah!  You’re amazing!

This 2D made me smile big big.  This 2D artist inspired me to stop being a whiny Wookiee and see what I could do with TSTO Winter.  In that vein, aI have a challenge for you.  If you can think of an image that will match the current color pallette of Springfield, shoot it to me in the comments.  I will pick the one I think fits best and make it before the snow melts.  If there are a few great ideas, maybe I’ll even be able to rope Bunny in on doing one.

I think William Blake said a great quote that helped me come to turns with the artistic funk I’ve been feeling courtesy of the snow.  Leave it to a famous British poet to teach ME a 2D lesson.

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”

Well, while I wait to see what my fellow Addicts come up with for ideas, I’m off to decorate Wookieetown some more to fulfill my creative urges.

Wookiee Winterland

Y’all stay classy… Wookiee out!

3 responses to “Now is the winter of my 2D discontent

  1. I love your art, Wookiee! You are so awesome. 🙂

  2. Seems like the perfect palette far a weeping angel about to pounce.

    I suck at this 2D art stuff. I could make a square and maybe… A square. Hey, maybe I should go make a giant gift! ;P

  3. To quote Bender:
    “BENDER IS GREAT !!!!”
    Nice work

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