Where Did THAT Come From? Happy Little Elves Ride

Snow snow snowy snow. Not just in Springfield but also in Krustyland. While the ghosts were afraid of all the tourists over there, Mother Nature ain’t no punk. Krustyland got the snow treatment right and proper.

Even more than some crystallized precipitation, EA gave us a NEW ride for the park. Move over Tijuana, Krustyland just might be the Happiest Place right now. How much happier can you get than Happy Elves, right?


Happy happy happy… joy joy joy!

When I got the awesome chance to visit Krustyland in Universal Studios, Florida, I had the time of my life. (For more of that vacation, check out this post) Almost all of our content for KL comes from The Simpsons Ride in Springfield and the Happy Elves Ride is no different.

happy little elves

All along the queue for The Simpsons Ride are posters for rides in KL. What tides? Check out this WAWW post.  The Happy Little Elves in Pandaland ride features stronly in The Simpsons Ride.  I wish I could show you how cool the inside of the ride looks but am pretty sure copyright makes that impossible. Let’s just say that Sideshow Bob controlling an audioanimatronic panda is worth riding it. Until the world is fair and every tapperino gets the chance to go to either Orlando or Hollywood, we’ll all just use our imaginations.

Pandaland 2

Of course the Happy Little Elves are a show from The Simpsons, but more on that later. It’s just nice to know that EA keeps KL in their sights with each big event. This ride is the 6th personal prize and if it isn’t yours already, should be in no time at all.

Now I’m crossing my fingers for a Capt Dinosaur’s Pirate Rip-off Ride.  Until the next post, y’all stay classy. Wookiee out!

8 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From? Happy Little Elves Ride

  1. Wow, you have a keen eye (not to mention a good memory) I totally missed that.

  2. so happy to have something new for my krustyland!

  3. I have had SERIOUS issues even getting in to my Krustyland, and have given up trying. Every time I try my game freezes and kicks me offline. It is very frustrating. Have others had this issue? I am on an iPhone4 and an iPad1.

    • I have the same problems on my iPad 1. The game has simply surpassed the capabilities for the iPad to handle it, and EA no longer offers support for it. iPhone 4 though you shouldn’t have as much of an issue. Try hard closing the app then restarting, sometimes that helps trigger it. If that doesn’t work try this extreme method laid out here. If that doesn’t work…the final resort is try contacting EA and let them know you’re having an issue. Hope that helps! 🙂

    • I have this problem too 🙁 if I want to go to krustyland I have to restart my entire phone. Then I can get there but only for the first couple times. So if any of my neighboreenos wonder why I have a lackluster krustyland, that’s why. I did start talking to ea, but most of their troubleshooting ideas involved my wifi, and I know it’s not that because I have the problem everywhere. Still hoping one of these future updates will fix it. I have an iPhone 4, btw.

  4. Yea! Building mine right now!

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