A holiday WDTCF Ramble about the Egg Nog Bar and Santa Flanders

Whaaaaaazuuuuuuup!  Do you remember that obnoxious advertising campaign?  If not, Mytube has them I’m sure.  They were beer commercials.  Funny at first and then mildly irritating and then searing your brain cells.

One of the best parts of getting to blog on this site is sharing my love of The Simpsons with anyone who takes the time to read my words.  I love the show and have seen every episode at least once.  Recently, I’ve had a great excuse to re-watch them more and more just to talk about decorations, characters and buildings that have been added to TSTO.

Watching every episode, I can’t help but notice that the available content for TSTO is enormous!  Any watcher could rattle off at least one thing they think should have been added to the game already.  I’m actually mildly jealous of the folks who get to do this for EA.  Anywho, with the holiday update, a lot of content got added to the game.  Much of it is from Christmas episodes and some is from classic episodes.  Looking at all the new stuff, I picture a boardroom full of nerds like myself pitching their ideas.  I know there was at least one lazy guy who mentioned the totem pole which was designed eons ago, definitely one weasel with a flair for consumerism (and getting folks to spend donuts) and probably a dude who has gambled a little too much online.  In addition, one of them definitely loved the 500th Simpsons episode aka Season 23, Episode 14: “At Long Last”.

EA did their utmost to give us a ton of new stuff in the holiday update and for a Simpsons nerd like me, I couldn’t be happier.  One of my favorite things is that besides all the stuff from episodes, we may have actually got some original content!  What might be unique?  Two things, The Egg Nog Bar and Santa Flanders.

eggnogbar_menuSanta Flanders

Quick honest admission before I really get to rambling.  Ever since this update came out, I have been combing through The Simpsons looking for these items.  I often know where items come from but sometimes have to do a little research.  I could not find these two anywhere.  Both appeared to be originally created for TSTO.  Of course, knowing there are folks who know much more than me about the show, I reached out to my buddy.  I let him know my suspicions about original content and was happily validated when he said he was pretty sure I was 99% right!  (NOTE: He’ll be the first person to remind me of a great Homer Simpson quote: Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent.  14% of people know that.”)

UPDATE:  My euphoria over possible original content is dashed against the rocks of reality.  Both of these items come from Tis the Fifteenth Season (S15:E7).  Special shout out to reader Liz for being awesome!  Picture me dressed as Wayne or Garth letting you know how unworthy I am lol.  This is just more proof that we have the Best. Readers. Ever.  Upshot is I got to rewatch another episode!  Thanks again Liz!

eggnog flanders


The Egg Nog Bar is a rather plain building.  I get it though because EA needed some vehicle for Krusty’s Non-denominational Holiday Giveaway Wheel.  The coins resemble Hannukah gelt and nothing says the holidays like gambling, right?  Of course, the whole idea for the non-specific holiday thing comes from Season 11, Episode 9: Grift of the Magi.


“And this ends Krusty’s non-denominational holiday fun fest…  … So have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, a Krazy Kwanzaa, a Tip Top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan. Now, over to MY god… our sponsors.”

FUN FACT: The commercial for the Funzos comes on right after this!

The Egg Nog Bar may be simple but it would have fit in amazingly with the most recent Simpsons Christmas episode.  The entire town got into the spirit of gouging tourists when Springfield became the only US town with snow courtesy of global warming and Springfield’s penchant for environment sloth.  I could picture a good number of the characters slapping signs on a plain building just to make some dinero.

As for the two offerings, eggnog and wassail, they both have special places in the show.  Marge admits to one of her boarders in the recent episode that her wassail (“a hot mulled cider traditionally drunk as an integral part of wassailing, an ancient southern English drinking ritual intended to ensure a good cider apple harvest the following year”, thanks Wikipedia!) is just Gatorade  heated up in the microwave.


As for eggnog, Homer loves it.  In Marge Be Not Proud (S7:E11), Homer has stocked the entire fridge with Nog.  After all, “We only get thirty sweet noggy days. Then the government takes it away again.”  In the episode, Bart gets caught shoplifting and Nog is even mentioned in his punishment.

Homer: I’ve figured out the boy’s punishment. First, he’s grounded. No leaving the house, not even for school. Second, no egg nog. In fact, no nog, period. And third, absolutely no stealing for three months.

As for the word Nog, do an oogle search about its origins if you want to see some interesting theories.  My favorite has to come from a Simpsons comic where Grandpa says it is made from the eggs of a creature called a Noggy.  You’ll also find online that eggnog is a hotly debated subject during the holidays as to whether it is good or not.  I for one have to be in Marge’s camp that “All eggnog is terrible.”  For fairness sake, it’s probably better than the Corn Nog shown in Hurricane Neddy (S8:E8).

Corn Nog

Phew… I warned you this was a ramble.  Speaking of Neddy, the last thing to blab about in this post is Santa Flanders.  The idea of Springfield’s uber bible beater donning the jolly old Nog Hog’s suit in my Springfield is so silly.  Santa is the exact opposite of any Christian concept of Christmas.  I love his questline and find great humor in the idea of him donning the suit.  So many other characters have done it to include Homer, Barney, Krusty and Gil so why not Ned.  At least we know his heart is in the right place.

While, I can’t find a reference for this original character skin, I think it is interesting that you can’t spell “SATAN” without “SANTA”.  Before anyone yells at me, I just want to point out that while my car was at the local Sprawl*Mart, I actually got a leaflet on my windshield that informed me of this.  It appears Santa Flanders is everywhere distributing pamphlets but c’mon Ned!  Kids go to shopping centers too!  While this pamphlet kinda made me cringe as a religious guy, it did make me think of the interesting correlation between Ned’s halloween skin and his new Christmas one.


He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice,

Gonna find out who’s got a bad vice,

Santa Ned is coming to town.

He’s prolysetize…… ing every day,

Christian kids get their presents today.

Santa Ned is coming to town.

He sees you if you’re pagan,

He knows if you’re Hindu,

He’s beating from the bible and there’s nothing you can do!

Santa Ned is coming to town!

Satan Ned is wearing a frown!

Santa Ned is coming to town!

Well… I think I’m all rambled out.  Let’s recap.

1)    The egg nog bar and Santa Flanders appear to be original content

2)    Holiday wheel good

3)    Eggnog bad

4)    Creating stories in your town where Ned is the devil in disguise is good

5)    Leaving pamphlets that make kids think Santa is the devil is definitely bad

6)    Liz is awesome and my hat’s off to her.

7)    THE END… Many thanks for reading another ramble by me… TTFN…

Wookiee out!

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  1. Forgot to write my origin user name, svanbergliza 🙂

  2. The eggnog bar is from “‘Tis the Fifteenth Season”, season fifteen. You can see it in the background when the Simpson family drives through the slum to buy a Christmas tree.

    • You’re absolutely right! Just watched that specific episode and found it myself! 🙂

    • You rock and the post is updated to reflect that. Thanks for showing me up lol, now Alissa will never let me out of the attic. Seriously though, many thanks. Should’ve kept looking before inserting furry foot in mouth. Thanks again.

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