WDTCF: Christmas Raccoon

Hey hidey ho friendereenos!

How’s the update treating ya? You get all the neighbors you wanted?  If not, check out our friends area here.  I continue to be so enamored with this update. Granted there are quite a few days left but other than some 2D challenges, I really have no complaints.

Today I wanted to jump right on in to the BEST part of my job and talk about the origin of yet another character we got this holiday update. This particular character is the 7th personal prize, 18,000 gift cards, the Christmas Raccoon.

ico_xmas_christmasraccoon_mdYou ever wonder how the EA programmers figure out exactly what they want to add to the game. I figure they just watch Christmas Episodes like the rest of us and pick things that make them giggle.  Really nothing sillier than a raccoon in an ugly Christmas sweater so I can’t fault them for this one.

The Christmas Raccoon comes to us from a quick shot in Season 17, Episode 9: Simpsons Christmas Episodes. This entire episode is yet another holiday episode broken into three segments, sort of like the TOH episodes. The last segment is titled “The Nutcracker… Sweet!” and has the cast of characters singing to music from the Nutcracker Suite. Four tunes are used during this segment. At the end of the first, the family is hiding from Grandpa Simpson. Since he is locked out, he decides to spend Christmas with the raccoons in the dumpster.


So funny that they are all wearing Christmas Sweaters. The character we got is the one on Grandpa’s left. Well… just a quick image from an episode but by now, we should all be used to that. Hope everyone is enjoying the heck out of the update and getting all the goodies.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Now I have seen that screenshot, I want the whole racoon family…

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