WDTCF – Snowpeople

You spin me right round baby right round, like a spinny Wookiee going round, round round…Snowpeople on the wheel, spinning round round, gotta win them all, round and round, round round…

Phew… I’m a bit dizzy from that 80’s flashback. How is everyone’s holiday so far? Got your real life and TSTO decorations all up? Are your presents stockpiled for people you actually know? I certainly hope so because the gift giving bonanza that is corporate Christmas really is just around the corner.

Today, I wanted to talk about the snowpeople. Man I hate writing that word but in today’s politically correct world, it seems like the best term to describe a collection of snowmen, women and children is just that. Of course, any English nerd worth their salt knows that the true plural for a word is the masculine form but as I know chicks rock and have an impact on my general happiness in life, I’ll stick with snowpeople or snowpersons for now. Anywho…

Bart_Snowman Marge_Snowman Maggie_Snowman Lisa_Snowman Homer_SnowmanHow cool is it that Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are in this holiday update as snow effigies to be melted later by an angry Spring TSTO deity? I’m stoked to see them this year as they were one of the cool items I got last year only to find melted in my town after winter. Seeing them up and healthy defying the laws of refreezing brings me great joy. It is also nice to have a reason for them in my town other than my redneckness. While initially it seemed like they’d all be obtained only for precious donuts, we found out we all can earn them for free on Krusty’s Holiday Wheel. SWEET!  Free is my favorite number!

These 5 snowpersons actually come from a holiday-ish Simpsons episode. In Season 7 Episode 11: Marge Be Not Proud, the episode revolves around Bart attempting to shoplift a video game prior to Christmas. Of course it’s an uber cool game named Bonestorm but I think we’ll all agree that stealing is bad no matter what way it rears its ugly little head. Bart gets caught, Marge and Homer are none too thrilled and as a result, Marge stops coddling Bart as much. One of the biggest results of this is, while Bart is out and about, the rest of the family build snowmen without him.


Of course it seems like all the snow from the yard has been used up but Marge informs Bart that there is leftover snow under the Simpson’s car. The result is a mudperson which is why our decoration is that beautiful dookie color. It’s a joke and a great episode reference at the same time.

snowP 2

I know I’m probably just grasping at straws but I like to think of these decorations as just one more reminder from EA that stealing is bad. I mean, they did give us the Golden Calf recently too and it’s probably all just coincidence, but this Wookiee likes living in his own special world.

I really think it’s interesting that the free way to earn these decorations is on the holiday wheel located in the Egg Nog Bar as it is in this episode that Homer says this great line when Marge finds the fridge completely full of egg nog.

“Tis the season Marge. We only get 30 sweet Noggy days.”

Exactly Homer. Exactly. 30 Noggy days to get some rad snowpeople that will melt before we know it and become drinking ponds for reindeer all over again. As for Grandpa and the pets, you tell me where they come from for a change. I’m choosing to blame their appearance on SCIENCE and the fact that when water melts and then refreezes, it changes forms. I secretly think they were Homer,Lisa and Maggie snowpeople last year and are now in disguise plotting evil in Wookieetown.

Ok… I probably need some sleep. Y’all stay classy and keep on tapa-tapa-tapping one gift bag at a time.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Love this episode.. and Homer’s line: “It’s like looking into a living snow mirror.” I currently have buff Homer, Lisa, Marge, Maggie, and Grampa. Hoping the wheel will give me the Bart snow person as it’s the punch line to it all!

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