Well look at what we got here. There is a character that seems to continually reoccur as an employee at pretty much any job possible that is now in our game. Do you know who I am talking about?

The man that I am speaking of is referred to as the “Yes Guy” for the crazy way he always says yes. “Eeeh-Y-e-e-e-es?”. I just love this guy. I think it is due to just how obnoxious he is. They way he talks. It reminds me of some old shows I watched with my Gramms in black and white with the guy desperate to sale you anything, so he makes EVERYTHING sound like it is the best deal you are getting. He is essentially kissing your behind the entire time. I loved watching those old reruns of Jack Benny and I Love Lucy with her. The actor he was made in honor of, Frank Nelson, was a riot to watch. You should check out some of his work and see just why the Yes Guy came about.

Yes Guy n Frank Nelson

So who is this obnoxious character? Where exactly did he come from in the Simpson TV world? Why on earth does he talk the way he does? (Annoying, don’t you think?) Let’s break down some of the many episodes he appeared or was hinted in.

Mayored to the Mob: Season 10, Episode 9
After rescuing Mark Hamill and Mayor Quimby at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con, Homer becomes the Mayors personal body guard. While at the Springfield Dinner Theater with the Mayor, we encounter for the first time the “Yes Guy” who is the host (interestingly a bit grayer hair too). When asked by Homer why he talks the way he does, he replies, ” I had a Stroooooooooooooooke.” (Maybe this is why part of his quest is to have a doctor check him out? A hint from EA as to his stroke?)

Yes Guy 1

Homer vs. Dignity: Season 12, Episode 5
Homer needing money does mean and cruel tasks to humor Mr. Burns for lots of cash in return. He ends up feeling the guilt of his ways and goes to Costington’s to buy toys for the needy kids with his “guilt money”. When he gets to the counter, it is the “Yes Guy” that is there to help him. He calls up Mr. Costington to tell him the good news of Homer’s gifts. Later you see him in the office helping to wrap all those gifts.

Yes Guy 3

Yes Guy 4

The Lastest Gun in the West: Season 13, Episode 12
Bart is strolling along down the sidewalk by the Duff Stadium. Seems luck is on his side as a homerun ball lands by him. “A free ball”. Then he finds two “free” shiny new dimes. Next we see the Yes Guy in an ice cream truck. His refrigeration unit is broke and offers Bart some “free” ice cream. The Yes Guy seems to work everywhere.

Yes Guy 5

Blame it on Lisa: Season 13, Episode 15
The Simpson family travel to Brazil to find a boy that Lisa sponsored. Preparing to leave the restaurant Churrascarias, Homer gets the attention of their waiter. It is a gray haired “Siiiiiiii” Guy.

Yes Guy 6

The Frying Game: Season 13, Episode 21
Homer n Marge were “working” for an old lady Homer had met, Mrs Bellamy, while doing community service. She ended up murdered and the two of them framed for it. After being found guilty, Homer couldn’t bare to let Marge die. So he confessed. As they were strapping him to the electric chair, the Governor called. And who do you think answered the phone? None other than Security Guard Yes Guy.

Yes Guy 7

The Great Louse Detective: Season 14, Episode 6
The Simpson family is invited to a free weekend at the Stagnant Spring Spa. During a yoga class, we see a very familiar face doing yoga poses right next to Marge.

Yes Guy 8

Old Yeller-Belly: Season 14, Episode 19
Bart and the boys gang (in the treehouse) are battling it out with Lisa and the girls gang (in Lisa’a room) in a game of tug-o-war. This creates the treehouse to start swaying then shatter apart. Homer fails to rebuild it, so Marge calls in the Amish (using a cowbell). During the Grand Opening of the massive new treehouse, we can see our friend the Yes Guy in a waiters uniform filling some champagne glasses.

Yes Guy 9

Marge vs Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays: Season 15, Episode 8
Homer, in an attempt to “help” Marge, creates his own commercial in support of her “Families Come First” initiative. Per Homer, local Springfieldians support the ballot. Those like, “that guy that goes Ehhhh Yessssssssssssss”. (You can also find him at the very end peaking out from the voting area doors.)

Yes Guy 10

Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Season 15, Episode 12
Homer wants to do more to make Marge happy. He realizes by acting crazy and down on his luck that he can earn a lot of money. After a long day of “cray cray”, he stumbles into Costington’s to buy Marge some jewelry. Our Favorite Yes Guy is back behind the counter. A bit worried at first at the sight of Homer, “Oh Nooo! Oh Nooo! Oh Nooo!”…until Homer flashes all his cash, “OH EHHH YEEEEESSSSSSSS!” (So he CAN say no.)

Yes Guy 11

The Wandering Juvie: Season 15, Episode 16
The episode opens to Costington’s store. “Downtown’s last gasp of class”. Though…a stumbling drunk makes it say something just a SLIGHT bit different (drop the P and the C, L). Lol. The Simpsons are going shopping there. (Can they afford it?) Homer is in the “Dressing Room” (though I think they hint he thought it’s a bathroom). Our silly lil friend the Yes Guy knocks on the door to tell him he needs to get out.

Yes Guy 12

Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore: Season 17, Episode 17
Homer, being his SMRT self, has outsourced his job to India. He thought it was Illinois/Indiana. Meanwhile in Springfield…Patty n Selma had kidnapped Richard Dean Anderson after he upset them at a MacGyver convention, which has backfired. He liked it TOO much and now won’t leave them alone. They have renewed his love for the MacGyver persona and he won’t give up. He stalked them to the DMV. As he is pushing his way to the front…guess who is in the line and knocked to the side?

Yes Guy 13

The Monkey Suit: Season 17, Episode 21
Lisa is fighting the system when the theory of evolution is removed from her school and replaced with creationism. During her trial, if you look at the jury, you will see the Yes Guy.

Yes Guy 14

All About Lisa: Season 19, Episode 20
Lisa has just won the Entertainer of the Year award after taking over Krusty’s show. You can see the Yes Guy as part of the audience at the ceremony.

Yes Guy 15

So there is the Yes Guy and just a bit of his origin. Lol. Notice some similarities to his permanent tasks he now has in the game?

Speaking of tasks, this is what the Yes Guy can do to earn you some XP & $$$$…

Task  Task 
Search for a New Catchphrase 60min $70
Moonlight As Security Guard 4hrs $175
Work As Maitre d’ 8hrs $275
Run Away in Shame 12hrs $420
Be Mr. Burns’ Yes Man 24hrs $600

Just what are YOUR thoughts on the Yes Guy? Love him? Hate him? Shout out in the comments below.


7 responses to “WDTCF- YES Guy

  1. Some of Frank Nelson’s funniest cameos were on Sanford and Son in the early 70’s. I think you can find them on youtube.

    One thing I’m curious about, and which I haven’t seen reference to anywhere online yet, is why Yes Guy’s voice is so quiet in the game?? The best thing about the character is his silly voice and pronunciation, and yet EA has him barely audible, and very muddy and lo-fi to boot. It sounds like Castellenata recorded the lines over the phone, and then EA mixed them down really low in order to hide the crummy recording quality and performance (the lines basically sound like Homer doing a terrible Frank Nelson impression– definitely not some of Castellenata’s more inspired voice acting). Anyone have any idea as to the likelihood that EA will fix the Yes Guy audio? I’ve only been playing this game since October; has this happened before with any other character?

  2. I also loved watching those old shows and whenever someone asked a question of a sales person with his back turned to them I knew what was coming and started laughing even before he turned around and uttered the famous “yesssss”. I love the fact that the Simpsons includes references from across so many areas, from science, history politics and especially pop – culture from across the decades. They include the things that make them laugh and don’t assume the audience is too stupid to get it or can’t look it up if they don’t. I actually learned a lot from old Bugs Bunny cartoons when I was a kid because I would go to the library or ask a parent about references I didn’t understand, and I feel like The Simpsons is one of the few things keeping up the tradition.

    • And also, wow Bunny, that was an extremely thorough report! Well done!

      • You’re welcome 😉

        I adore some old fashioned humor. It’s where a lot of my sense of humor came from.

        I try to find as much info on characters due to it drives me nuts when I swear I’ve seen them somewhere in an episode, but can’t remember. Lol

  3. Thanks for another great post Bunny. I was hoping someone would say something about Frank Nelson and his hilarious scenes with Jack Benny and I had forgotten he had appeared on I Love Lucy. I also appreciate the thorough recap of every appearance of the Yes Guy on the show. You do an amazing job.

    • You are most welcome. 🙂
      Frank was amazing. He appeared in so many things throughout his career. Even a McDonald’s commercial run in the early 80’s. The man was a riot to watch and worked til he couldn’t work anymore. Gave me n gramms many giggles.

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