Minor In Game Update 10/8-10/9

Just received a minor in game update…perhaps this is fixing the Lisa/Homer glitch?  We’re checking into it, but for now assume it’s just a minor glitch fix update and nothing is going to change in your game.  As soon as we have more info we’ll post it right here.

Note: Some people got the update yesterday and some people got it today.  We DO believe it’s just fixing glitches since it’s the exact same amount of files.  It is not adding anything new to your game.  As soon as we know more we’ll update it here.

Update on the Update: It would appear…by my own accounts and that of MANY of our amazing Addicts readers…that with this update you can now no longer tap more than 5 ghosts in a friend’s town.  Also, it appears as if the Homer and Lisa glitch has not yet been fixed.
For all of you who still have a character “lost at sea” hopefully it will all be fixed soon!

Happy GOOing everyone!

26 thoughts on “Minor In Game Update 10/8-10/9

  1. This must have come with the last update…. I see handshakes now in Krustyland over items my friends tapped on.

  2. It was fun while it lasted. I had gotten up to 9 ghosts per visit several times (and was usually hitting 8), but alas it’s no more. Well, makes the tour of alternate Springfields go a bit more quickly…

  3. Ya, I totally noticed after update it’s next to impossible to tap more than 5 ghosts per town. I was used to gettin 7!!

    1. Since I wrote the comment yesterday, when I had successful extra taps in two neighbouring Springfields after the update, I have not got any extra ghosts…

  4. I just noticed this too! I wasn’t sure if I just wasn’t tapping fast enough anymore, lol. Glad to know it isn’t just me, but it sucks to have had it removed!

  5. I can’t double-tap in towns anymore 🙁 only 5 ghosts per town. Yesterday I hit 2000 goo in a single day, that definitely won’t be happening anymore. Aw man!

  6. Oh, there’s been a change with the update all right: maybe it’s just me, but I can’t double-tap anymore in friends’ towns. Just five ghosts per town and no more now. There goes my 2000/day goal 🙁

    1. I can still get an extra ghost by clicking the fifth and sixth ghost simultaneously. Can’t get more though…. Trying for a seventh

  7. Update?!? what update?!? i think you guys need a GLITCH section…cuz I have some WEEEEEEIRD stuff STILL going on with my town! I have a section of brown houses (5 total) that I fashioned to look like a mini mobile home part. Well this morning those little brown houses were T-R-I-P-P-I-N-G!!! First, they all changed into Apus (yep…little Apus in the spots where the houses were), then they changed to something that looked like a man made from nuts & bolts…but again, all of them exactly the same. And lastly (the one which excited me the most) they all turned into the Evergreen Terrace Orange House…and I thought MAYBE they would stay that way and I could collect the rent on them! But no dice…as soon as I moved away to look for morning GOO, they all switched back. Oh well! I still have the glitch of rotating slow spots in my neighborhood…neighbors, beware!

    1. This is a quite common type glitch that has been going on for a while. I see it more and more as I add an over abundant amount of items to my town. My 2D art creates a TON of glitches to start popping up. Amusing to me. I have characters in place of my decorations, buildings morphing into my fire pits, and so many more. I can look really cool at times. Take some screenshots and feel free to add them to our picture library. It’s fun to look at what character/building glitches people get.

  8. Before the Horror update, my Death Drop has been flashing on and off. Also noticed this morning that some of my parking lots have turned into Java Server signs, and some other buildings have had a slight “glitchey” look (library and post office)

    Android GSIII.

      1. Well I have seen the Death Drop thing happening on other neighbors. Was just on Tapped Out and the parking lots and buildings are fine, could just be my phone not being a Smart Phone.

    1. Planning on it! Personally I haven’t had the Homer quest to make him disappear. “Eating ghosts.” But have other quests for him.

    2. I wouldn’t bet on this week, we’ve already had an episode-specific release this week (Strongman Homer). I would expect next week, after everybody starts complaining that they’re bored the moment that they get to 10,000 Goo.

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