Weekend Update: August 25th-31st 2013

What a week for Tapped Out!  Just as many Tappers were finishing level 33, level 34 was released!  With the release of levels 33 and 34 so close together (not to mention Krustyland just before level 33!) Tappers will be busy tapping away throughout the weekend.
We’ve been busy at Addicts too!  And in case you missed anything from the Addicts team this past week here’s your chance to catch up!-Level 34 was released this week and with it came Springfield High School, the Knowledgeum, Robby the Automaton, Sherri & Terri, Superintendent Chalmers, and lots of other new decorations.  When level 34 hit Tapped Out Wookie explored who Robby the Automaton was, Nick broke down the basis of what the update brought in his What We Know So Far post, while Bunny took a look at how the building prices have changed with Level 34 .

-Level 34 Walkthroughs have been posted!  Check out the Level 34 Main Quest Part 1 and Part 2.  Part 3 will be coming later this weekend!

-Sherri and Terri made their grand entrance into Springfield.  Addicts covered their quest walkthrough this week as well!  You can find the Sherri and Terri Walkthrough here.

-With all new levels comes new premium items.  This week we took a look at if the two new premium items are worth your donuts.  Check out if Sherri and Terri and Robby the Automaton are worth your donuts!

-Wookie also broke down the Level 34 Update Character, Cookie Kwan

This week hasn’t just been about Level 34 here at Addicts.  We’ve had so many other great posts this week as well…

-On Sunday Nick took a look at what a back to school update could contain, more or less predicting  level 34.

-New Walkthroughs were added this week including Squidport and premium Walkthroughs for Miss. Springfield and Lugash

-Addicts spent a good deal of time this week covering some of the tips and tricks to troubleshoot your game.  This week we posted about Volume Controls, Game Crashes, Server Problems and moving forward with tasks.  You can also check out our complete TSTO Basics coverage on the New Tappers Guide!

-We also explored some tips and tricks to help you find your characters faster, the pros and cons about vandalizing your friend’s Springfield and some item basics like what happens when a limited time event is over and if you can place items on the roads of your Springfield.

Gil Gunderson was discussed on Addicts this week, as well as all the dates of the previous Tapped Out Updates

-Addicts had an AMAZING Guest Post this week from Em over at Topix.  You can check out her reasons Why We Love TSTO here

-Wookiee was at it again with his WAWW posts!  He discussed what he wanted from EA,  more nature decorationsCars, Maggie and More Squidport (1 and 2)!  Wookiee also showed Addicts readers how to create 2 new 2D Designs. Duffman and Emperor Moe!

-Bunny was hard at work writing for addicts this week!  Class was in session with her 2D 101 basics!  Bunny also graced Addicts with another one of her brilliant 2D designs, complete with a how to, Maggie Simpson!  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out…simply AMAZING!

-Bunny also “spilled the beans” about FREE Krustyland Tickets & Donuts direct from EA for fixing a glitch!

It’s been a busy week at TSTO Addicts, and next week doesn’t show signs of slowing down!  Be sure to check Addicts everyday for your daily dose of all things Tapped Out!

Happy Weekend Tappers!

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