Weekend Update: September 15th-21st


Happy Weekend Everyone!  As always it’s been a busy week here at Addicts & if you’ve missed any of the great posts this week, here’s your chance to catch up!

-Last weekend we celebrated our 1 month anniversary of TSTOAddicts and thanked our AMAZING readers and supporters.  If you missed our Thank You Post you can find it here.

-We also introduced a new column here at TSTO Addicts, You Might Be An Addict.  You can check out that hilarious post here.

-Last Sunday saw many Tappers without access to Tapped Out, as EA was doing server maintenance.  So naturally the Addicts Team had you  covered all week with complete coverage of the game being down, and what you can do about it.  You can check out information about the server being out last Sunday here, what to do if your game is telling you to create a new account here, and what to do if you’re asked “Is This Your Springfield” and it’s not here

-On Monday we had our weekly poll question, asking you if Patty and Selma were worth the wait.  Well the results are in and almost 50% of you said you have no real opinion you just love Tapped Out!  In second place was Yes!  It was exactly what you wanted & in 3rd place was Yes!  Nothing like you expected but you love it anyway.  You can check out the full poll results here

-Bunny was a busy 2D artist this week when she announced the winners of her Sideshow Bob challenge.  She also reveled the 2D prize she created for Mags here

-Wookiee also had his amazing 2D talents on display this week with another 2D How To, this time it broke down El Barto for aspiring 2D Artists.  He also reveled his 2D created for Laura Mac, who won his 2D Challenge from last week.  You can check out Wookiee’s Yoda here

-Of course we added some more info about Level 35.  Including: How Level 35 Impacts the Conform-O-Meter, If you should spend donuts on the DMV Limo, and just where the DMV limo comes from (and what you can do with it too!).

-We also broke down the details on how to maximize your Indolence rating on your Conform-O-Meter

-Bunny had class in session for 3D Thursday breaking down the basics in building a 3D structure for your town.  You can check out her 3D How to here

-Friday saw another bi-monthly meeting of TSTO Anonymous with group leader Wookiee.  Check out how he has no social life here!

-Of course we were hard at work on some of the basics too.  We’ve added several new walkthroughs to our Walkthrough Page and completely updated  our Ultimate Premium Guide!

Well another week is in the books here at TSTOA Addicts and it sure has been a busy one! We promise, as long as you keep reading and EA keeps updating…we’ll keep posting!

Be sure to check Addicts everyday for your daily dose of all things Tapped Out! (you can also subscribe to our blog to receive emails when new posts hit!)  Oh and don’t forget about our Spooky 2D Contest where you can win DONUTS!  (in the form of gift cards for your gaming platform of choice) Only 8 days left to enter your design!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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