Tapped Out Halloween Walkthroughs: The First Two GOO Prizes, Pumpkins & Burial Grounds

Hey howdy hey Ghostbusters!

As you’re collecting your GOO you’ll start to reach those prize milestones.  So far the first two prizes unlock “mini-quests” (woohoo free prizes AND free quests!).  Since they’re both pretty simple and quick I’ve decided to combine the two!

pumpkinhouse 100goo       burial ground

First up the delicious vegetable Pumpkin House! (FYI it earns $70 cash & 7XP every 3hrs)  This unlocks at 100 GOO Canisters collected, and most of you should unlock it fairly quickly after the Gypsy Fortune Teller Store is built.  The item automatically gets tucked into your inventory, so you will have to go into your inventory to place it.  Once placed the quest becomes unlocked and kicks off with Homer!

Photo Oct 01, 1 30 17 PM

Pumpkin House
After tapping Homer

Photo Oct 01, 1 53 05 PM

Homer: Boy, you can tell housing prices have really shot up when people have to live inside giant vegetables.
Lisa: According to the realtor’s brochure, it’s a fairy tale cottage.  Although that could just be marketing hype.
Homer: Nutmeg floors, cinnamon fixtures….mmm, edible floorplan!
Make Homer Attempt to Eat the Pumpkin House– 24hrs
Homer: *burp* Pretty good, although that was a lot of vegetables.  I’m ready for some meat.
Lisa: Well, up the street there’s a little old lady who’s selling a shoe.
Homer: Shoe leather…the poor man’s beef jerky.  Let’s go!

And with that your Pumpkin House quest is complete (I told you it was a mini one!).  However, it does earn you 25GOO canisters (and 10xp)!

Here’s a quick shot of what the house looks like when Homer is inside….

However, keep in mind that it does take Homer 24hrs to complete this task, so you may want to wait to start on it until after you’ve completed a good portion of the main questline (since Homer is required for most of it).

Now onto the next prize….the Ancient Burial Ground.  (FYI Bunny covered what it is and where it’s from on a post here) For only 500 GOO canisters (or 40 donuts…if you want multiples) you too can have your very own Ancient Indian Burial Ground in your Springfield!  What does it do?  Well it’s pretty simple really…it earns you more Ghosts!  Yup that’s right, every 12hrs this bad boy earns you 4 extra ghosts to pop!  Just like with the Pumpkin House item automatically gets tucked into your inventory, so you will have to go into your inventory to place it.  Once placed the quest becomes unlocked and automatically kicks off with Lisa’s dialogue (it should Auto start anyway…I had Lisa Trick or Treating when I placed it in my town and it started up without needing her).


Ancient Burial Ground Pt. 1
Should Auto-Start

This sacred place holds the bones of the Native Americans who once roamed this land in peace with Mother Earth.
Bart: According to this sign, it’s also the future site of “Dirty Redskin’s RV Roundup.”
Lisa: That’s so offensive!  I’m going to start a petition to stop it.  And there’s nothing as indignant as an eight-year-old child.
Make Lisa Prepare an Indignant Petition-1hr
This will earn you 25GOO (and 10 XP)!

Ancient Burial Ground Pt. 2

Lisa: Native American spirits, my petition has succeeded.  They won’t be building an RV dealership on your burial ground.
Native American Spirit: Thank you, Lisa.  Now we may rest in peace
Caveman Spirit: Great, but what about us?  You Indians built your burial ground on top of our caveman body dump!
Mastodon Spirit: What about US?!  You dumped your caveman bodies on our mastodon death field!
Caveman Spirit: If you don’t like it you shouldn’t have gone extinct!
Make Lisa Mediate Land Rights Between Angry Spirits- 1hr
This will earn you 25GOO (and 10 XP)!
Lisa: I can’t believe we couldn’t find a compromise you could all live with.
Mastodon Spirit: We can’t live with anything – we’re dead.



And with that your Ancient Burial Ground quest is complete!  Enjoy your Mastodon Spirit & free Ghosts!

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  1. Does the anicient burial ground give a bonus too?

    • For completing the quest, yes. Aside from that it just gives you 4 more ghosts to pop every 12hrs.

      • Hmm. My town’s overall bonus percentage seems to have gone up but I haven’t bought any of the new premium items yet, so I figured maybe it was the burial ground. I know the snake rocks/stump/log ended up giving a bonus in addition to snakes so I thought maybe this was the same.

  2. ID: blakeschof226

    looking for freinds for daily haunt and goo collection. Will release gremlins everyday as i have bought plenty of them

  3. I think now is the perfect time to weed out stinky neighbors. with the help of the goo count on screen within the next week or so we will be able to eliminate those who cause a void on our friends list. everyone should be getting 500 goo a day from neighbor visits alone. if this isn’t the case its time to find new neighbors.

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  5. Hi Alissa,

    I’ve been reading the blog for a long time now but this is my 1st time commenting. I’ve got a problem and I dont know who to ask so I’m hoping you could help me. I have to do the “Make homer listen to the gypsy’s babbling ” task and Homer is in Krustyland. But everytime I go to Krustyland my game crashes and closes. What should I do??? Can you please help me??

    • I was just having this problem myself. Sorry you are dealing with it. I finally got in after the 10th try. Sadly, there is no way that I am aware of other than speeding his task in Krustyland to pull him back over.

      • The sad part is…. HOMER’s just walking about in Krustyland!!! but my game crashes after I get the Krustyland screen… It says Synchronizing but then just shuts down…. I was so excited to do the quests & now I have 2 halloween quests that need homer & he’s stuck in Krustyland doing nothing!

        • Send me an email at TSTOAddicts@gmail.com. I may have a suggestion but it’s a bit to type up in this section.

        • LOL, me and Alissa are on same wave length. I was posting the 2nd comment to say try same things.

          Gotta love new glitches. I had like 5 stuck in there. NONE on tasks. Sometimes they would eventually pop up…others I finally got in and got them to pull back over with me.

    • We’ve had another reader with the same problem, as well as Bunny having the problem. Unfortunately, it’s a glitch in the EA system which HOPEFULLY they’ll fix soon. The only other thing I can say to try is to hard close the App (from task manager) and try again. If not you just have to be persistent and keep trying to get into Krustyland. I wish there was another way 🙁

      Oh and are you trying to go to Krustyland by the Shuttlebus or via the “Homer is in Krustyland go to krustyland” task box that pops up when you try to assign the task? If one is causing the problem try the other method.

      • Tried both I’m afraid!! I just dont want to be stuck on the quests and then run of out time for the halloween event!!!

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