There’s Donuts in Them Ghosts!

Hey Howdy hey Ghostbusters!

Just a quick post about something cool….you can find donuts in Ghosts (and haunted buildings, possessed characters, etc) when you pop them! (woohoo free donuts!)  I had heard reports of this happening, but I always like to verify it for myself.  A short while ago I was tapping in a friends town and out popped a delicious sprinkly pink donut with my purple GOO!  Is there anything sweeter?!

So be on the look out for free donuts with your GOO!  Another treat from EA this Halloween!


11 responses to “There’s Donuts in Them Ghosts!

  1. DansBeard - danctheman534

    I have gotten 4 donuts from tapping so far. 2 from ghosts in friends towns,1 from haunting a friends building, and 1 from unhaunting one of my own buildings. Just keep tap, tap, tapping, tappereenos. :)>

  2. I’ve found 2 donuts so far!
    And, tip: when you get only 1 ghost left to tap in your friends town, you can easily tap 2 or 3 at the same time! So this way, instead of getting 8 GOOs, you can get 10 or 11! I even managed to tap 4 ghosts but it’s really hard! But 2 is very easy! 🙂

  3. I was given a donut yesterday by hauting a house in a friend’s town and this morning I got another one from un-haunting a house in my own town. This is F*&?$%ing AWESOME!

  4. ive not been lucky enough to get any donuts this way so far 🙁

  5. ive had a donut this way too

  6. i received my 2nd donut this morning since the event started. I guess EA loosened up the the donut piggy bank a bit

  7. It’s happened to me once too. Quite an incentive to get tapping. Counter at 750k ish. Should all get the 1St church of lad lard tomorrow morning in the UK…

  8. I got one donut from tapping a possessed Apu in my own Spingfield earlier today…

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