Addicts Question Corner: Possessed Characters, Witch Marge, Strongman Homer, Spooktacular Bonus and more!

Hey howdy hey Tappers!

We’ve been noticing a few questions popping up in the comments of some posts and, while we try to answer each one individually, we thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions. So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….

First, just a quick recap of where you should, at least, be at this point in the game in order to stay on track to earn all 10 personal GOO prizes by November 7th. According to Bunny’s GOO Calender you should be averaging about 300 GOO per day and by the end of the day today (October 9th) you should have approx 2,440 GOO canisters (or more) to stay on track for 10,000 GOO by November 7th!

Also, as a community we’re currently sitting at nearly 5,800,000,000…at this rate we should be collecting the next community GOO prize next week about this time! First Church of Lard Lad was dropped into towns yesterday morning, you can find more info on that here.

Now onto the questions….

The first question is about possessed characters and and tasks. To answer this one we’re going to let Bunny “hop” in on it…
Possession is 9/10ths of the Law

Bunny foo foo here (thanks Fuzzball) 😛

Hopping in to answer a question on something posed by one of our readers. Also for all of those that are curious. Or just to put you to sleep as you breeze over it and move on. 😛

The question put forth (ooooh sounds smart like…look at me go). Crystal: “When i enter my town and some of my characters have become “Haunted” do they stop doing the task at hand until i tap them “out of it ” or will they continue 2 count down the task?”

No worries…you can let your characters wander possessed as long as you wish. You will still see the same lil thumbs up icon at the end of the task. You will still collect the money for the task (along with the goo the ghost left). Also, once you hit that Ghost Zapper, if you have one, it will also release any of your possessed characters within range too. Here is Apu being possessed on his task for me… when it finished the thumbs up and money from the task as well as Goo from the possessing ghost.
Now…on to what you have come to expect from me…THE PICS!!

What does it look like when they do get possessed? Well the ghost hovers close to form an attack and it happens REALLY QUICK! They go in through the back of the head, light bursts out of their body, and WHOOSH…possessed.



How does Witch Marge speed up crops on Cletus’s Farm? How fast do they grow? Can I use her more than once for the same crop?

You can use Witch Marge to speed up Silver Tongue, Triffids, Moonshine & Corn. Every time you use her to speed up crops she’ll shave 4 hours off of the harvest time. So Silver Tounge would be ready in 4 hours instead of 8, Tiffids would be ready in 8 hours instead of 12, Moonshine 20 hours instead of 24 & corn well…it’ll take 4 hours off of the 90 days! You can absolutely use Witch Marge more than once on the same crop!

Can I Still Unlock Strongman Homer?

Yes. Bunny has first hand account of this in her “B” game. She missed the first couple of days collecting items for Strongman Homer, as soon as she tapped on a few ghosts in her game all of the items popped out unlocking the costume. You’ll still need to answer the trivia question, but you can still unlock the Strongman Homer least for now.
2013-10-06 07.15.10

Why Should I Still Collect GOO After I Reach the 10,000 GOO Mark?

What you’re not enjoying popping Ghosts and dropping Gremlins in your friend’s town? Well here’s some motivation for you to keep collecting after you reach 10,000 GOO…you can earn FREE donuts! Yes, that’s right I said FREE donuts. For every 2,000 GOO you collect over 10,000 you unlock the Spooktacular Bonus game where you pick 1 of 3 prize boxes for either 1, 2 or 3 donuts. Similar to the Bonus Level Up Game, with the Spooktacular Bonus game you can pay $50,000 for a second (or 3rd) chance at 3 Donuts if you show 1 or 2 on the first try. More information, including screen shots, on this has been posted on the GOO Calender. How’s that for incentive to keep collecting GOO?!
Photo Oct 07, 10 41 06 PM

There Are SO Many Quest and Tasks Going On At Once, What Do I Finish First?
With so many new items unlocking everyday for Tappers it’s both a blessing and a curse. Great because you’ll get some really cool new characters and buildings for FREE but crazy because you have a ton of different tasks all going at once (most of them require Homer)! Here’s the good news…once you unlock a character and/or a building it’s yours forever. Usually the item is placed in your inventory and you have the option of placing it immediately or letting it wait in your inventory until you’re ready. You don’t have to place items as soon as you unlock them, in fact placing them is what starts the new quests. However, if you’ve already placed a bunch of items I would suggest finishing the main Halloween Quest..Ghost in the Machine-based App…first. Once you’ve completed part 11 of the quest you’ll no longer need Homer and you can use him to start those other tasks.

You can also find complete walkthroughs for the main quest and all of the GOO items on our Halloween Page. Those walkthroughs will help you properly use your characters so that you always have the character you need to progress in a quest free at the right time.

I Can’t Find Homer/Lisa/Martin…Character in my Game. They’ve Completely Disappeared! Help!
This is a known glitch with the Halloween update & EA is working on fixing the problem. The good news is if any character (other than Lisa or Homer) you can simply store the building they came in and that will “reset” that character for you. In other words it will put that missing character into your inventory & when you place the building back the character will reappear outside of the building. However, this cannot work with Homer or Lisa. Unfortunately, because of the game coding you cannot store The Simpson house (which is the building both Homer and Lisa are associated with). So if you’ve got Homer or Lisa lost somewhere in your game just sit tight, EA is working on the problem. You can check out Wookiee’s own quest to find his missing Homer here and here.

Hopefully that helps answer some of your questions!  Keep those questions coming in the comments guys, we’ll do our best to answer them as fast as possible!

18 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: Possessed Characters, Witch Marge, Strongman Homer, Spooktacular Bonus and more!

  1. How much Goo can I expect to have at this point? I’m just shy of 4k and it feels like I won’t have enough for all of the individual prizes. I’ve been running all available characters on their Goo quests and popping ghosts as often as I’m able (and still sleeping).

  2. I can’t seem to place the 3 eyes squid resturantI have in my inventory. Is it because I need the harbour first. (I’m only on level 15. I’m such a noob but so very addicted. Help! ) .

  3. I’ve been putting all my characters on outdoor task so they have the possibility of being possesed. Seems as if some characters never get possesed at all no matter how many times I send them on outdoor jobs. Do you happen to know which characters get possesed and which don’t?

    • The list of those that can get possessed is HUGE. Pretty much the complete character list. I have noticed though that the main line characters seem to get hit first (Bart, Willie, Cletus, etc), then the premiums next (Bumblebee Man). It is just a matter of how many ghosts you have floating about and how many characters are available to be possessed. If you are wanting to see specific ones…put all the main line ones on a quest, do not pop any ghosts in your town, and leave the ones you want to see possessed out as “bait”. Lol

      • I see ghost possession as a great way to get extra goo. Every little bit helps, right? I never see the Wise Guys or the Bouvier sisters being possessed but I guess even the ghosts are scared of them. 🙂

        • The Bouvier sisters are the ones I did NOT see listed as able to be possessed. I wonder if due to they were so new to the game and the designers didn’t get a chance to get to them. Legs and Louie however are…a post that has been in the works since the event is coming soon on this. Stay tuned. 🙂

  4. Maude is a ghost of course she doesn’t have a home lol

  5. What do I store to get Bart back? I read that only Homer and Lisa can’t be fixed. If there’s a building I can put away to get Bart back I would appreciate it.

  6. I’m missing Maude’s ghost now, and she didn’t came with a building either…

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