What does the fox say? Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Lol…did I get it stuck in your head yet? 😛 Thought I was gonna talk about foxes didn’t yah? Close.

So Halloween is almost upon us. The mist will be clearing soon. So to celebrate, I will be making a HOWL-OOOH-WEEN 2D for your enjoyment. This one has actually been sitting in my to do list for a while (a favor to another Fuzzball), but I wanted to save it for the last of the season.

werewolf flanders 1

This particular 2D is a gift for a reader of the blog from the beginning and a great friend, Chris J. He has been very kind to me since the start. Always encouraging my work. Always asking to see more. Amusing to say the least. A great sense of humor and just a joy to chat with. Chris J, this one’s for you. 🙂

For this particular character, I will be journeying to the Treehouse of Horror X. (I Know What You Diddily-Iddly-Did). The Simpson family is traveling through mist covered roads (are they playing TSTO too?) Marge just so happens to be driving this time. Usually we see Homer. She has a hard time seeing due to Homer forgot to put the fog lights in. She hits something in the road, Ned Flanders. The kids tease her she just killed him. Homer attempts to hide the fact Marge just killed him by staging “accidents” in front of Maude to make it look like that is how he died. Just an accident. She misses the inital try. So he just tosses him in the front door (he had a “heart attack”). They later run into Ned in the episode alive and walking around. He explains he is more like the undead. This seems to be ok…until the moon hits. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLL!

werewolf flanders 2

And so 2D Werewolf Flanders is born.

This one was a bit of a struggle to create. I wanted to try something different and start with the face shape. Drove me mad right away. So I switched and went back to beginning with my Propane Eyes. Twisting and turning, adding and moving, tweaking it until they looked a lil closer to what I was trying to achieve. I added the usual Snapdragons for the pupils. (The better to see you with my dear.)

werewolf flanders 4

Now that I had a center point, I began on the facial features. I also stepped outside the norm on this one by utilizing Snapdragons to create the shapes. The wrinkles above his eyes, his elongated nose, and his mouth.

werewolf flanders 5

I wanted to give him a lil detail. Garbage Bins for the pink in his nose (better to smell you with my dear), Propane Tank teeth (better to eat you with my dear), and even tried the Carved Ice Sculpture for the main fangs. (I later changed them.) Newspaper Dispensers worked great for the tongue. Then I filled in the entire mouth with more Snapdragons.

werewolf flanders 6

The fur/hair. This is where I really had to stretch the imagination. I really wish EA provided more simple square blocks of browns, but until then…I will have to make do with awkward items that just don’t “bend” the way I need them too. Like Boardwalk Benches.

werewolf flanders 7

On to the ears. Again going outside the norm, I used the darker wooden park like Benches. I played around with many angles and directions to see if I could at least get the general shape of them in place. Then added more hair/fur.

werewolf flanders 8

Clothing up next. Garbage Bins for the pink in his shirt collar. Small Shrubs for the outline of his pullover shirt. Long Shrubs to give a lil crease in his arm.

werewolf flanders 9

The arms. Talk about giving me trouble. Arms and hands are so difficult to translate into a 2D. Especially when you are using a rectangular shape Boardwalk Fence that does not allow many options of angles. I changed and changed and changed the shape of his arms and hands. Finally settling in one that seemed to fit. Propane Tanks again for the claws this time.

werewolf flanders 10

Now he really was taking shape. Time to fill in the gaps. And fill and fill and fill and fill.

werewolf flanders 11

I like the pavement background better for a lot of my art, so the last thing I did was to cover all around the image with the pavement. And here is Werewolf Flanders.

werewolf flanders

I hope I did you proud Chris J. 🙂 (I’ll snag yah a cleaner catch when the mist clears.)

werewolf flanders 3

Now all you boils n ghouls behave…the night of Bunny terror and domination is almost upon us…errrr…I mean…TRICK OR TREAT!



UPDATE: As promised…here is a mist free image of Werewolf Flanders. Enjoy

Flanders werewolf


  1. Impressed!!!

  2. After some math of the average goo per minute, and the total goo left I estimate that in 3 days and 11 hours give or take ( the average rate is around 10, 000 per second although there’s the occasional spike leaving room for error) the community total should hit 30 billion

  3. bunny would you do a tribute for Edna? I set up a topic on the forum. shelfcleaner did an Edna vampire 2D that is phenominal, I even put it on my springfield! you can find the board I made with you in mind here

  4. I’m humbled by the compliments but AMAZED by the art work. This is incredible! You have SOME tallent. Seriously. Thanks for this, it’s fantastic.

  5. Love it 😀 Absolutely Love it!

  6. very very cool bunny. keep up the good work. honestly this is the coolest thing ever! you did an amazing job! the hands are phenomenal and you really are figuring out how to utilize the snapdragons.

    even farmville gave us mutlicolored bales of hay…

    • Lol @ farmville
      Thanks 🙂
      I use snapdragons all the time, just not really so much in my 2D teaching art. So new to readers but not so much to me. 🙂

  7. Great work!!! and witty too……keep us entertained Bunny….

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