Where did THAT come from – Snow Monster

Just hear those sleigh bells ringalin, jing jing jingalin too, Yes sir, it’s lovely weather for a “where did that come from” for you….

Isn’t my singing voice lovely?

For this holiday edition of WDTCF, I thought I’d take you way back to a bit of my childhood. What does that have to do with a character from the holiday update? EVERYTHING.

charactersets_snowmonsterOnce upon a time when I was little, the best part of the holidays was all the Christmas Specials on TV. My favorite was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Granted this came out on TV in 1964 well before I started swinging through Kashyyyyk but I really can’t imagine a Christmas without it (one of the reasons I own it on DVD).

From the Island of Misfit Toys to Yukon Cornelius, this is my joint. My favorite character of course was the Abominable Snowman of the North aka Bumble.

Abominable Bumble

Look familiar to anyone? Probably easy to see why a Wookiee would love that guy. Kind of have a soft spot for giant furry guys.

Other than proof that at least one of the EA designers shares a love for this classic Christmas special (or saw the tribute to him in Pixar’s Monsters Inc.), Bumble actually has made an appearance in the Best. Show. Ever. In my favorite Simpsons Christmas episode (Season 22, Episode 8: The Fight Before Christmas), he is seen mopping the halls of Clausco for a brief second or two.

Snow Monster

And there you have it, the Snow Monster is actually Bumble the Abominable Snowman and I am so thrilled he’s now wandering my town. As one of the prizes on Krusty’s Holiday Wheel, it’s all chance for when he’ll join your town. Check out Bunny’s post for more info on this.

To steal a line from a great book, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Snow Monster 2

Wookiee out!

13 responses to “Where did THAT come from – Snow Monster

  1. The snow monster was my second prize on the wheel. My first prize was the Ice God which a lot of people seem to have as there last prize to get. I am unlucky to have mr plow and plow king as my last prizes. But a least I got BUMBLE!

  2. I have tried so many spins and I can’t get the snow monster…has everyone else already got him by now????

  3. The mighty humble bumble !!!
    Yeah, That was a classic as a child for me.

  4. Love the Bumble too!!! Got him in the first couple days(went kinda crazy buying coins) but no regrets. Anyone notice if he still has his teeth?

  5. Never mind I guess my question was already answered on another post sorry for being repetitive

  6. I want to know how we get the Grinch anyone any idea?

  7. I can’t wait to win him I love Rudolph I own the limited edition Rudolph train set & Santas Castle & all the figures and of course Bumble is my FAVORITE! Nothing better then everyone set up & the train going around the tree it’s by far my favorite part of Christmas!!

  8. Yes!!! Wookie, I loved this edition. Classic 1964 Rudolph and Bumble are some of my christmas favorites too! I’m still waiting to land on him for my town, I’m so jelly!

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