WDTCF- Helter Shelter

Helter shelter… ba na na na na na…
Helter Shelter… ba na na na na na…
Helter Shelter… uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh

Well, hey there friends! Sorry, I was just humming a Beatles song that’s been stuck in my head since this holiday event started. Pretty obvious which building I’m gonna write about, right?heltershelter_menu

The Helter Shelter is just one more of the awesome free prizes available to win by going visiting Krusty’s Non-Denominational Holiday Giveaway at the Nog Bar. With one chance to win every 24 hrs (should be about 28 or 29 chances possible), it’s pretty exciting.

Helter ShelterThis building comes from Season 5, Episode 16: Homer Loves Flanders. In the episode, we find out that Homer becomes really good friends with Ned after Flanders scores free tickets to the big Shlelbyville Sharks vs. Springfield Atoms game and takes Homer along.

The rest of the episode is about the awkward friendship between the two and has a pretty uncharacteristically thoughtful ending. Homer actually praises Flanders. During Homer’s quality time with Ned, we find out that Flanders does charity work every Wednesday at none other than the Helter Shelter. On a side note, Moe apparently does charity work too and reads girly books to sick kids and the homeless. Seeing Moe cry after finishing Little Women was too funny.

Helter Shelter 2The shelter is basically a soup kitchen and of course it has a clever name which honors a great band. In the shelter, Ned serves up soup, Homer gets some new clothes after being mistaken for a homeless person, Ned keeps serving and Homer gets impatient (imagine that) and makes it in to the Springfield Shopper for speed-serving soup.

Helter Shelter 3And that’s it. A silly factoid you may or may not care about is that Helter Shelter is also the name of a later episode (Season 14, Episode 5). The shelter is nowhere in that episode and I may or may not have watched all 22 minutes of it for nothing other than my pure enjoyment. There is however some great bits about the Simpsons looking for a place to stay after bringing Russian termites home from a hockey game, finding out all their friends places aren’t so great, pretending to live in 1895 and then hijacking TV executives with an abandoned tribe from Survivor. Random you say? Randomly amazing!

Well, hope your having a great time in the snow. There’s snow business like snow business like snow business I know. Sorry, I’ve been wanting to say that since the update started. Y’all stay classy…

Wookiee out!

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  1. What does this add to the confirm o meter?

  2. Good to know where my little shelter came from other then the lucky spin that won me it. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Just saw this episode last week. Channel 9 in New York bought syndication rights and are showing a lot of the older Simpsons these days. It’s so nice seeing episodes that Fox hasn’t been airing for years, at least not in my area. I have them all on dvd, but or some reason it always makes me happier to just catch the episodes on TV out of the blue!

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