What Would The Addicts Do: Gil, Grumple, and Wheel Tokens

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Everyone enjoy their ho ho ho day?!  Was Santa good to you?  I know I enjoyed Christmas…especially when Gil, the Grumple & free Reindeer are concerned!  Have you taken advantage of these yet?  (well the free Reindeer is NLA, but did you take advantage of it?)  Looking through the comments over the last couple of days many of you want to know just what we would do when it comes to Gil, the Grumple & a few other things.  So I wanted to take a minute to tell you WWTAD….

Gil Deal:
Buy buy buy!  Normally when it comes to Gil deals we tell you to really think about if you need it or not.  But that’s when it involves spending donuts, not buying them.  We’ve been hearing from Tappers for MONTHS about when Gil would be coming back into our lives with a donut deal so they could get some discounted donuts!  Well this is it..now’s your chance to stock up on those discounted donuts while Gil is still around!  As Addicts we say buy….buy whatever amount you can afford to get.  Of course we also will tell you to spend them wisely once you get them…but stock up on those donuts while they’re at a discounted rate (and of course the boatload is the best bang for your buck).
Personally Wookiee, Bunny & I have all each purchased at least a boatload of donuts for our games from Gil.  So in this case the Addicts would buy!

Another holiday treat from EA that was unlocked over Christmas.  The Grumple is pricey at 120 donuts, BUT unlock the other premium characters unlocked in the Christmas event (Candy Kevin) he does come with his own set of tasks AND a hilarious questline.  Bunny broke down the pros and cons of adding the Grumple to your town here but WWTAD?
Wookiee, Bunny & I have all purchased the Grumple for our towns.  While 120 donuts is steep to pay for a character without a building, the Grumple is a fun addition to Springfield!  His tasks & questline alone make it a well worth it purchase.  Plus it’s Christmas…so go on a splurge a little 🙂

Holiday Wheel Tokens:
Spend donuts on them or not?  At 50 donuts for 10 coins (the best “spin pack” value) is it worth spending those precious donuts to get more chances to spin the big wheel?  Well the reality answer is no.  You can earn plenty of spin coins from the game itself (1 a day from the Egg Nog Bar, random coins in gift bags and boxes & 1 coin for every 1,000 gift cards collected over 30,000).  So you’ll have plenty of chances to get all of the prizes before January 7th.  So the best advice we can give…Don’t Spend Donuts on Spin Tokens.
However, this is definitely a case of do as we say not as we do!   We of course are Addicts.  And like any Addict would do…Bunny, Wookiee & I have all spent 50 donuts to purchase spin coins at least once.  So we can’t fault you if you do too.  Just a word of caution…be careful how many you buy.  It’s EXTREMELY frustrating when you spend 50 donuts and only get $10,000.  So if you must…do it sparingly.

Hope this has given you some insight on the 3 biggies of this update!  At least some insight into our own craziness!

Until Next Time Tappers!

19 responses to “What Would The Addicts Do: Gil, Grumple, and Wheel Tokens

  1. How can I get more people to add onto my Springfield?
    At this stage I have 7 and it takes forever to earn anything

  2. Is it possible to use an Apple device (itunes) to purchase donuts for my Springfield, although I have played with an android device all the time?

    • Yes, as long as you are logged into your Springfield on the Apple Device. You can only purchase donuts through the game (not through iTunes like music etc), just make sure you follow the instructions if it says you’re logged into another device. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. My wife and I can’t get our Plow King missions to start. Anyone else?

    • Due to the skin belongs to Barney, I would suggest storing the Bowlarama, then logging out of your game, restarting your device, then log back in when it powers up, and place the Bowlarama back to a location you want it. See if this helps to kick start the tasks again. If not, try the basic troubleshooting outlined in the post below for technical issues.


      Let me know if this helps 😉

  4. If I get out to a store in time to buy an ITunes gift card, I will probably buy a Tray for myself and a Tray for my daughter.

  5. Only have Bumble left to get on the wheel, but like he says Bumbles bounce. I have landed on him three times ( just barely) then after a second it bounces to the cash prize. Ugh! Do you think they will offer the prizes for sale when this us over?

    • I know the pain! We think it will be offered for donuts but no guarantee. The good news is you still have 10 more days of the event left…so that’s at least 10 more chances to try and grab him! 🙂

  6. Have anyone got a coin from the gift bags? Or in any other way but from collecting gift cards or from the Egg Nog Bar?

  7. Anyone else have the christmas bonus coin freeze? It says done 1000/1000 and has stopped giving me spin coins.

  8. FYI — now’s also a good time to look for deals on iTunes gift cards, so you can sweeten Gil’s deal on donuts even more…

    Today, I found $50 iTunes cards at OfficeMax.com for $40 and bought several (I have no affiliation with this store!)…

  9. i took the gil deal but i am curious to know if good ole gil might make a reappearance with a buy deal of lets say characters/building combo as it has been in the past

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