Weekend Update: December 22nd – December 28th

Wow, I can’t believe this year is almost to a close. So much has gone one. So much has changed. And here we are, still playing this amazing game.

With all the gift giving and receiving, it’s hard to keep up with all that went on in the TSTO Addicts world. Miss some posts? Looking to read a story again you saw earlier? Well here is your Weekend Update to help refresh all that went on this week. Let’s hop to it. 😉


SUNDAY: Wookiee started the week off in the early morning hours (for U.S) by bringing us all the info on the 2nd Community Prize.

Alissa then brought us the mini quest that was hidden within the release of Santa’s Village. The Great Donut Caper. Then she got a twinkly an in the Holiday spirit by showing off some lights. Did you?

MONDAY: Need a way to manage your friends and neighboreenos from your Droid device? Look no further, Wookiee brought us a great app that you can use to do so.

Did YOU enter our Holiday Contest? We had such an amazing turn out. Alissa announced the winners YOU picked. Great job to all those that entered. I was happy. Then on to this weeks “Caption This”. Did you submit a caption? They crack me up. Got donuts to spend? Want to spend them on Santa Village but not sure? How about the Holiday Tree? See what we think about it.

TUESDAY: It was the Eve of Christmas and Bunny (that’s me) decided to spend it with YOU. Where to start? Well first off, EA dropped us the “happy” Grumple into our game. Which means a Turbo Tappin’ Grumple was needed. Then EA KNOWING we need donuts, gave us an early gift with Ol’ Gil’s Christmas Donut Deal. Then I gave you my thoughts on purchasing the Grumple with your precious donuts. Then what’s the night before Christmas without an amazing and heart warming story. Well…this ISN’T it. Take a look at the Story of the Grumple.

WEDNESDAY: More donuts to spend? Bunny breaks down the Snowpeople/animals available. Then you were given the details of the lil Christmas treat and prize from EA.

The Addicts Team then gave you another lil glimpse into our personal worlds with a lil Christmas experience from Alissa, Wookiee, and Bunny.

Want to buy a Reindeer with donuts? Alissa breaks down her thoughts on it. How about a Trash Can Fire? See if you think the same.

THURSDAY: Do you want Candy Kevin? Willing to give up your donuts for him? See what Alissa thinks of the item. She then broke down the 9th & 10th Personal Prizes. And with the new prize, came another quest. Turbo Tappin’ Costington’s was created just for you.

When the 3rd Community Prize dropped, Wookiee was there to give you Ebenezer Burns.

With the new character skin, Bunny brought you the Turbo Tappin’ Ebenzer to go with it. Then off to give you the Origin of the Happy Little Elves in WDTCF.

FRIDAY: Where did the Springfield Mall come from? Well just take a peak at what Wookiee found on WDTCF. Then it was time to grab some old coffee, a few stale donuts, and a wobbly chair. ADDICTS ANONYMOUS TIME!

Alissa then brought you answers from the Addicts Team point of view on the 3 major items in the event right now. Want more info on Gil, Grumple, and the Holiday Wheel? Take a look.

SATURDAY:  Well…here it is, early Saturday morning (for the Bunny anyway). I got a lot on my mind in store for you coming up. So stay tuned.

There yah have it. A week worth of crazy Addict stuff. I hope you enjoyed it. On to the next week.


2 responses to “Weekend Update: December 22nd – December 28th

  1. Where did the golden scratchers go?

    • Gil stole all the donuts for his Gil Deal. (During “The Great Donut Caper” task, Homer was told by Apu that he had no more.) No worries. Once Gil is done with them, I am sure the donuts will return back to their rightful place at the Kwik-E-Mart and the golden scratch-r will return. 😉

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