Weekend Update: September 8th-14th, 2013

What a week’s it’s been at Addicts! Lots of big things happened around here this past week, and in case you missed anything from the Addicts team this past week, here’s your chance to catch up!

-Just as many tappers were concluding the Level 34 quests, and watching Super-Nintendo Chamlers catch some DINNNEERRRR!!!!, Level 35 was released! Included in the new update were the highly desired Patty and Selma Bouvier, Selma’s beloved Jub-Jub, the Spinster City Apartments, Springfield Pet Shop, and the one and only Disco Stu & Stu’s Disco!

-When Level 35 hit the Addicts team had it covered! Wookiee helped us all figure out What in the world a Jub-Jub is! As well as breaking down Gil Gunderson and his Level Up! Message, in The. Best. GIL Deal. Ever! The one and only Bunny Dud broke down Disco Stu and his connection to Patty & Selma in her post Disco Who??!!

-Level 35 Walkthroughs have been posted! You can check out the Level 35 Main Quest Part 1 and Part 2 here, or you can visit the Walkthroughs page for complete Tapped Out Walkthrough guides! Part 3, the final part, will be coming later today!

-Disco Stu boogied into Springfield, and our hearts, this week. You can find his complete walkthrough here.

-With all new levels comes new premium items. This week we broke down if Disco Stu & Jub-Jub are worth your donuts!

Of course this week hasn’t just been all about Level 35 here at Addicts. We’ve been busy little Tappers this week and brought you so many other great posts as well…..

-Last Sunday we showed you how some good tips for redesigning your Springfield with the post Springfield of Tomorrow; Build a Better Springfield. And of course Bunnydud got our week started right with her funny post about how her addiction truly is costing her everything in TSTO! (Oh and there’s a great Sideshow Bob 2D in there as well!)

-On Monday we asked you what do you think will be coming first, the Halloween event or Level 34. Well 61.25% of you got it right in saying Level 35! (For the record 61.25% said Level 35, 18.8% said Level 35 & Halloween Event as 1 update, 11.28% said something else & bringing up the rear only 8.27% of you thought the Halloween Event would come first. Thanks for voting!).

-This week we also did a little more Conform-O-Meter uncovering and showed you how to maximize your Consumerism Rating as well as your Righteousness Rating!

-On 2D Tuesday Bunnydud showed us all why Mr. Sparkle was the right choice for “lucky best wash”, with her great Mr. Sparkle 2D. She was also back on 3D Thursday, holding classes, with a 3D 101/Basics post, all about creating 3D art in your town!

-On September 11th the Addicts Remembered September 11th, 2001 and gave a special thanks to all of our brave service men and woman fighting around the world.

-Halloween was another hot topic this week! Both Wookiee and Bunnydud showed us their Halloween 2D creations, Wookiee posted about Snorky the killer dolphin & Bunnydud posted about her Nightmare Before Christmas creation!

-On Friday Wookiee told us just what he wanted in his WAWW post, telling EA to introduce Mr. Teeny as a playable character in TSTO! Wookiee also went a little crazy on Friday the 13th in his Go Crazy? Don’t mind if I do!!! post. Where he broke down more Halloween goodies for fans of TSTO and The Simpsons!

-Speaking of crazy….the Addicts went a little crazy this week as well with our Spooky 2D Contest! We’re giving away up to $45 in FREE DONUTS!!! (in the form of iTunes/Google Play Store gift cards) To enter just create your very own Halloween themed 2D creation and post a picture on the contest post. If you haven’t read about it yet check out the picture on the sidebar to the right. This will give you all of the official rules of the contest.

Well another week is in the books here at TSTOA Addicts and it sure has been a busy one! We promise, as long as you keep reading and EA keeps updating…we’ll keep posting!

Be sure to check Addicts everyday for your daily dose of all things Tapped Out! (you can also subscribe to our blog to receive emails when new posts hit!)

Happy Weekend!  

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