EA Hidden “Easter Egg” in Halloween Main Questline: 6 FREE donuts!

Hey howdy hey Tappers!

We here at Addicts just recently finished the complete The Ghost in the Machine-based App questline (we’ve posted the walkthroughs here (part 1), here (2-4) and here (5-11)) and we’re so excited about a Donut “Easter Egg” hidden inside the questline that we couldn’t wait to share it with you!  

EA certainly is giving out treats this year!  During Part 14 of The Ghost in the Machine-based App quest (walkthrough here (12-15)) you send Lisa on a quest to so some research at the Library…now here’s the deal:
if you’re typically someone who rushes quests DON’T RUSH THIS ONE.  EA has hidden an “Easter Egg” in this part of the Quest and you want to find it before Lisa is done at the library.  EA has hidden 6 FREE DONUTS in the Task Bar of the character if you can get them to confess before Lisa figures it out!!

If you’re like me, you most likely assumed it was…Mr. Burns.  So tap on Mr. Burns and you’ll see the first option in his task bar is Confess.  It takes 6 seconds and rewards you FREE Donuts!
Burns confess
Make Mr. Burns Confess– 6 seconds (rewards 6 Donuts) Make sure you do this while Lisa is STILL solving the mystery.
Once you’ve done it, this auto-starts:
Mystery solved
Lisa dialog
Lisa: Wow, you must be very smart…But I’m going to stay at the library and figure it out for myself.  I could never respect myself if I’d just looked up the answer on the internet.  (I bet for 6 donuts she would!)
Again, Lisa does not have to be finished at the Library for the questline to continue if you make Mr. Burns confess.  So the Quest will continue!

The final walkthrough on this will be posted tomorrow, BUT i wanted to share this info with some tappers who may have rushed things along to complete the questline.  This is something the game won’t tell you (although it’s in the files) unless you randomly happen to tap Mr. Burns during this part of the quest…like I did.  So be sure to follow the instructions above and claim your 6 FREE donuts from EA!

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  1. The gypsy’s babbling in Pt. 14’s dialogue: CEBCREGL BS OHEAFHZ was EA’s clue as to who did it. If you advance every letter 13 spaces (A –> M, B –> N, Z –> L) , you get:

    C –> P
    E –> R
    B –> O
    C –> P
    R –> E
    E –> R
    G –> T
    L –> Y

    B –> O
    S –> F

    O –> B
    H –> U
    E –> R
    A –> N
    F –> S
    H –> U
    Z –> M

    Property of Burnsum…Mr. Burns!

    It looks like, though, I wasn’t the first to figure this out:
    More info on the code: http://rot13.com/info.php

  2. I resent the fact she thinks i looked on the internet, i watched the episode.

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  4. Aw, man! I don’t have Krustyland yet, so I guess I can’t get this, as I won’t be able to go to the Freakshow?

  5. I have Lisa looking up old history in the library right now, but when I tap on Mr. Burns, I don’t see it…am I missing something?

    • It has to be part 14. She researches a lot of things in the game, but it’s not till part 14 (after the Freak Show) where you can tap Mr. Burns for the free donuts. You might just be at the part where she’s researching the freak show 🙂

      • Thank you! I’m relatively new to the game, but love it more than I thought I would. This site is awesome. Thanks again.

        • You are most welcome 🙂

          And please fill free to look around. There is a LOT of information available. Especially for those just starting out. Walkthroughs are great so you know what comes next and who to keep available. Just look through the menu and use the search by to find what you’re looking for. As always, we are here to help if needed.


  6. I have Lisa at the Library right now researching old history…but I don’t see it when I tap on Mr. Burns…do you have to wait awhile?

  7. Wow, good catch. I finished yesterday and missed it myself.

    • Yea purely by accident too. Just happened to tap Mr. Burns to send him to eliminate ghosts and noticed the donuts in the task bar. I’m sure plenty of people missed it because why else would you tap Mr. Burns if your speeding everything up? lol

  8. YES!! i got that one too. question and don’t know where to put it. Occasionally while tapping my haunted buildings one or more will give me 2 goo’s!! I have no clue why but was wondering if anyone else has gotten these extra goo’s

  9. mmmm… donuts… ughhghhhgh….

  10. I didn’t know where else to post this, but Alissa ive had another in game update, any idea what it was?

  11. Wow this is some real discovery. Nice one! I wonder how many of those we never found out about before.

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