What’s Up with the Premium Gremlins?

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So if you’ve explored your new premium options in the game you’ll see two Gremlin options you can purchase for donuts. For two donuts you can purchase a trio of Gremlins and for 10 donuts you can buy 20 Gremlins.

Curious about these? Well it’s pretty simple really. They’re just extra Gremlins you can purchase to drop in your friend’s towns. Yes, that’s right you can purchase Gremlins for donuts to drop them in your friend’s towns to earn GOO…the same Gremlins you can get for free just for tapping Ghosts & haunting buildings (haunted buildings too).

There is absolutely no added bonus to using these Gremlins vs. the free ones.

My opinion?
Save your donuts for something that can/will provide you with bonuses and/or conform-o-meter points. In the long run that’s the better investment! 


5 responses to “What’s Up with the Premium Gremlins?

  1. Emerald Ring. should be your third choice.. BTW.. your on the internet.. i suggest finding the show online.. they were good episodes 🙂
    if you play daily add me.. Jwilliams014

    • They’re all in different places for everyone. Some people it’s the first option and for some it’s the third etc. I’d definitely make sure you read the options before you go with any choice. You want to make sure it says Emerald Ring before you select it. 🙂

  2. When i click on the simpsons house the trivia question comes up but i dontknow the answer and cant watchthe show as its not shown in the UK

  3. In the last week, when people are scrambling to reach 10,000, the gaggle will be a very efficient donut-to-goo ratio.

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