Walking in a Wookiee Winterland

Wow… how cool is this new event?

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Anywho… I don’t know about you but I really feel like this update was so worth the wait.  Just the first glimpse of my town had me all Chrismistified (thanks Alunited1961 for the EPIC word).

Chewie 2D

Now that’s a snowy Wookiee.  There is so much stuff to dig into and trust me when I say the Addicts staff is as on top of it as we can be considering Bunny is literally hopping all over the place.  As we get info, we’ll funnel it your way.

Just like Bartholomew J., I think it’s important to start at the start and then take it away.  The first thing I noticed in my town other than a frozen Chewbacca was well, everything looks different.  Duh, right?  Sometimes in our excitement, it’s hard to take it all in.  I know the snow has my ADD going crazy.  I figured I’d take you along with me on a little stroll through Wookieetown so we can see some of the differences in all their glory.

Snowy Buildings

All the detail EA put into making sure everything got the “Snow Treatment” really blows me away.  From a programming angle, it really seems like a new game.  Halloween may have gotten misty and included some amzing goodies, but this snow job (the good kind lol) is awesome.  I love seeing snow on top of every building and as a bonus, it looks like Mr. Plow already cleared paths for us to keep walking.


All the trees and flowers look so cool.  Some got bagged up in preparation for the winter, some lost their leaves and others just got buried.

FLowers and Bushes FlowersPremium Flowers

None of the greenery was spared this treatment which makes me so happy.  Even the apples, oranges and pumpkins got taken care of.  Cletus better start picking soon or his whole year’s yield will be ruined.  Guess it doesn’t matter though.  Any one who’s lived in the Southern US knows winter is moonshine weather.

Cletus Farm

For a peek at some of the changes to decorations, I always find it helpful to take a glance at the Garden Center of my local Sprawl*Mart.  Looks like the freemium benches became festive.


Where to next, dear reader?  Oh, you want to see Squidport.  Ok then, let’s go check it out.

Squidport Liberty LisaFreak Show Tent MayflowerSub

I think it is so amazing that EA took the time to decorate the limited time decorations from this year.  They even covered the brand new ones from the episode tie-in AND the 4th of July stuff.  Now that’s comprehensive awesomeness.

While we’re on the topic of limited time items, I’d be complacent if we didn’t take a brisk walk to the Halloweenie (had to use it, sorry) sections of Wookieetown.

Halloween Stuff 3Halloween Stuff 2

If you hadn’t noticed the mittens and scarf on the spooky tree yet, I’m happy to be with you for your first glimpse.  Love, love, love this update!

Halloween Stuff

A lot of seasonal decorations get stored by tappers.  For some reason, quite possibly my Appalachian American roots, I can’t bear to store these items as I feel they make my town that much more Simpsony.  Let’s take a look at the Valentine’s Day 2013 stuff.


Winter may make the leaves go buh bye, but there’s hearts for ALL on those trees. Where to next?  You want to see the DAM SPRINGFIELD SIGN, I mean Springfield Sign/Dam area… ok.  Let’s go!

Springfield Sign

I love the little bows that got added to the brown fences.  That is pretty nice dam picture if I don’t say so myself.  I love that the water is frozen everywhere except for the Springfield falls.  The details upon details have me just wandering my town (see? Verbal wandering isn’t the only thing I do) oooohing and awwwwing. Wow… check this out?  EA even took the time to decorate the debris in our towns.


All the white stuff is so pretty.  The last event-specific stuff I figured we’d meander by would be the leftovers from Whacking Day.  Some lazy city planner decided they didn’t want to take down the decorations in Springfield Park.

Whacking day

Aren’t the Christmas Lights and garland on the trees pretty?


Speaking of… let’s jog over to the our favorite family’s place and check out the new look to Bart’s Treehouse.

Holiday Tasks

Now that’s festive!  Lisa better watch out though, I heard Jub-Jub is hungry from all that cuddling he’s been doing.  Man… are you getting tired from all this walking?  I feel like we’ve been going for a long time.  Let’s quickly check out just a couple more sights.

Flowers and BenchesPrison

Nothing says happy holidays like a well decorated prison, right?  Well, before I tire either one of us out completely, I’ll end with what makes me the happiest of all this yuletide season.  Not only are there some new (AND free) goodies for all, EA brought back the old stuff too even if it comes in a Krusty approved spinning wheel or at the cost of donuts.

Simpsons Snowpeople

I’m really just happy my Simpsons Snowpeople unmelted.  Take that physics and science!

Here’s a quick shot of some of the new stuff that’s available for decorating your town.

Holiday Stuff

Speaking of decorating for the holidays, don’t forget about our Holiday Contest which officially opens today.

Well… I figured I’d end this ramble with some images I created to help show off all the snow-covered/effected decorations and buildings.  While not all-inclusive, I managed to get a massive amount of stuff from the buildings/decorations menu and my inventory.

Holiday Differences Holiday Differences 2 Holiday Differences 3 Holiday Differences 4

I know at least one of you has something to say about all my pumpkins, but I am an Addict, am I not?  Who knows when I’ll need a quick pumpkin fix?

Well, I’m off to ramble through my town some more.  Maybe some day I’ll get a chance to decorate with all this new stuff.  Thankfully, EA did most of the work already.  The craziest thing to me is we hiked all over my town, saw a lot of great stuff and didn’t even cover all the amazingness in Krustyland, seriously, go check yours out!  TTFN…

Wookiee SqPOUT!

31 responses to “Walking in a Wookiee Winterland

  1. I’d like to know how to get the elves houses, Simpson ice figures, and reindeer. I’d love to add those to my Christmas area.

  2. The Satan float is among my favorite of the decorations

  3. I do like the fences having Xmas bows on them, Kang house is very festive as is my car park, lorry depot etc a very nice touch though I’ve spent an hour turning them round to match….lol

    • I’m really loving how a lot of the decorations already in my Springfield have been “Chrismistified”. Helps make the town look the Christmas with out having to do a ton of work…unlike real life! 🙂

  4. Love your posts Wookie! You put so much work into them. Fun to read and look at.

  5. My favorite detail is the scarf and mittens on the skeleton trees from halloween. I also like how some pine trees, edges, fences (etc) have decorations in them

    • That is my favorite too! I’m just in love with winter in Wookieetown (and all my neighboreenos too). I love how my prison ended up all festive and I didn’t have to do a thing lol.

  6. Have you noticed that the pumpkin house is deflated and looks like a pumpkin would look two months after Halloween? That’s my favorite little detail of this update. Well, that and the spooky trees, those are awesome!

  7. I love your snow covered Wookiee! I went first to your town when the update hit to see what it looked like, and it looked pretty cool. I think this is the most fun I’ve had playing a game! Puts you in the holiday spirit.
    What frustrates me, however, is that every time I hear that present dropping sound I cannot always find the presents! They hide behind buildings, clutter, everything! It’s like a psychotic scavenger hunt!

    • Lol. The presents are very sneaky. I’ve been ignoring them and counting on my elves to find them every 24 hrs. That prize is the 4th personal one so there’s hope for all of us. Glad you like the Wookiee… that 2D makes me very happy.

      • Woodie, if you have room, could we be neighbors? I need some inspiration for my town ( I’m OCD) and yours has blown me away!!!



  8. While I am think of it, does anyone know how to add specific blogs to the WordPress app. I think the app is easier to use, but I want to go to specific blogs instead of random blogs coming up that I don’t follow. Like right now there is a hack blog and I know I never followed or visited it and I wanted to visit this particular site. I would of posted under the questions page, but I can’t figure this out. 🙁 Thanks and I loved the walkthrough also.

  9. I rushed through visits yesterday (I got carried away with the switching towns option), but I think I’ll slow down this evening to check out the snow covered 2D pics.

  10. Good post everything looks really cool. Also I’ve never seen an albino wookie before

  11. Thx for the DAM tour, Wookie!
    I agree… I think the inmates will be in an even more giving mood, thanks to the festive correctional facility decor.
    Really dig your SqP signature and you snowy fuzz face…
    Nice job, Fuzzball!
    BTW — I added a couple pics on the Addicts Flickr page and wanted to remind everyone to do the same, if so inclined!

  12. Wait I mean valentines lol

  13. You probably already noticed it…but the pond from the Christmas update is broken down the center. =]

  14. It was Bunny who came up with the word I can’t take any credit. And you own it now lol

    Your town is great I love your prison I am definitely onto that after Xmas.

  15. Thanks for the guided tour! Really enjoyed that one.

  16. I just love to read this! Its awesome everythibg u but! N wow to EA its really a good job the new uptaded

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