IMPORTANT: New Things In Tapped Out Today! Santa Village & Hidden Quest (Updated 12/23)

Well Good Morning My Favorite Gift Grabbing Addict Tappers!

Happy Sunday before Christmas!  Here at TSTO Addicts we’re all…well…Addicted to Tapped Out.  Often times this addiction results in insomnia f0r Wookiee, Bunny & myself.  We’re so dedicated to the game and to bringing you the latest and greatest info in the game that when something…like the Community Prize…is about to drop at least 1 of us will stay up and count down until it does.  And that’s what happened last night & this morning.

Last night the Second Community Prize (Santa Village) dropped and this morning it appears as though we have a little hidden quest that has unlocked for us!  The Great Donut Caper quest should be ready to launch in your games Tappers (after Tapping on Homer).  This quest was rumored to start on Christmas Eve, but thankfully the minds at EA decided to start it the week of Christmas instead.

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Want to know more?  Keep reading to find out more about the 2nd Community Prize AND The Great Donut  Caper …(WARNING SPOILER)
UPDATE 12/23- After the fold the post has been updated to include Part 2 of The Great Donut Caper…

Everyone’s favorite Fuzzball stayed up most of the night and counted down the Community Prize for our favorite readers!  The second the Santa Village dropped Wookiee was all over it and had a post up on Addicts within minutes (and it dropped around 3am Wookiee time).  You can check out Wookiee’s post about the 2nd Community Prize (and a some WDTCF background, like only Addicts can do) on this post here. 

Wookiee gave us some great background on the Santa Village, now let’s go into a little more detail about the specifics behind it.  Once unlocked (should auto unlock for you, if it doesn’t just be patient sometimes it takes  a second) it will be placed in your inventory and you’ll be asked to place it.  It is a 24 hour build, so you will have to wait a day before Santa has a place to sit, and it earns $90 and 10 XP every 4 hours.  As I detailed in the Christmas Conform-O-Meter Post it will earn you another 10 points towards Consumerism on your Conform-O-Meter (we should have lots of 5 star towns after this update!).

Now onto the hidden quest.  When you turn on your Tapped Out games this morning you should see Homer (as long as he’s free) has a little ! bubble over his head.  This is the start of a brand new hidden Holiday quest from EA.  Again, this was rumored to start Christmas Eve by some, and it looks like EA has decided to change it up and launch it the Sunday before Christmas (they’ve also changed the dialog from what some originally predicted…).  Here’s how The Great Donut Caper goes:

The Great Donut Caper Pt. 1
Homer Starts

Homer: You know the best part about the holidays?
Lisa: The spirit of giving?
Skinner: That wheel that gives you prizes?
Lenny: The face that Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year so Mr. Burns gave us two whole weeks off?
Homer: All good…except for Lisa’s.  But the thing I love most about the holidays are the holiday donuts.

Make Homer Shop for Holiday Donuts– 1hr (earns $70, 17XP)

Homer: One tray of holiday donuts, Apu, my good man.  Better yet, make it a truckload!  Or whatever the biggest size is now.  That’s how you get the best value.
Apu: I am sorry, but that item was not included in our inventory shipment this year.  Someone brought out the entire supply from my wholesaler.
Homer: What?  But, donuts…and holidays….
Apu: I, too, am pained, my friend.  The holiday season is a bonanza for a purveyor of unhealthy food.  It’s the one time of year where everyone says “screw it” to their diet.
Homer: What’s a diet?
(Completed Goal Earns $100 & 10xp)

The Great Donut Caper Pt. 2
Homer Starts

Homer:  I can’t believe the Kwik-E-Mart has no holiday donuts!  This is the worst Christmas ever…except of course for the tsunami one in 2004.
Lisa: What’s the big deal?  Aren’t holiday donuts just the same as regular donuts?
Homer:  No.  They taste the same.  But they have red and green sprinkles on them so they look different.  And being the same but looking more festive is what the holidays are all about.
Make Homer Search Shops for Holiday Donuts– 1hr, Earns $70, 17XP
Homer: This is a nightmare!  There’s not a single holiday donut in town. *sigh* And I’d pay anything for one.
Lisa: Maybe that’s the point.  Perhaps someone is artificially reducing supply in an effort to increase demand.
Homer: You don’t mean…..?
Lisa: Yes.  It appears that some entrepreneurial mastermind has cornered the market.
Homer: Who is this Nelson Baker Hunt of donuts?  Also, who is Nelson Baker Hunt?
(Completed Goal Earns $100, 10XP)

And that’s it for now…it’s a to be continued quest….looks like it will pick up again Tomorrow (Christmas Eve).

45 responses to “IMPORTANT: New Things In Tapped Out Today! Santa Village & Hidden Quest (Updated 12/23)

  1. I have the Grumple. 8pm Oz time.

    • Thanks Alpine! We are all over it. Bunny is spinning in her basement wheel as I type.

    • Terrible having to wait most of the day. Now watching Carols by Candlelight on TV for Vision Australia while he finds a house. Family tradition and eagerly waiting for the Hallalulia Chorus later on. Merry Christmas to all my fellow tappers from Oz

      • Right back at ya Alpine! Always nice to hear from a reader in the future lol. Hope your Christmas is epic while we wait for ours to start. Sorry about the bad future joke but when I lived in Okinawa my best friend always referred to me as the Wookiee from the future. Where we’re going, we don;t need roads…

  2. Gimple has arrived 8am GMT…no sign of Gil. Or the doughnut deal is it due today?

  3. This price is called Santa’s Workshop not Santa’s Village.

  4. Nelson Baker Hunt was oil and mining executive and horse breeder/racer

  5. After sundays rerun I want the flying three eyed fish with preditor mouth

  6. I have a random quest to make homer watch Monkey Trauma Centre Marathon… I guess I should leave it for now… 🙂

  7. How can I collect more present bags? There’s never enough for all my neighbors?! 😕
    I guess there is no point to say that with this way we will never be able to collect all the community prizes…

    • Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for collecting more gift bags (unless you want to purchase them with donuts…which I STRONGLY advise against). It’s all a matter of what you tap on and how many come out with the boxes and bags. We are on track to complete the Community Prizes well before the event ends…so just keep on playing your game the way you are and everything should work out! 🙂

  8. Well, I’ve got a new problem to worry about tonight. Hadn’t “logged in” for 6 or so hours (holiday party), but when I did I had no presents under the tree, and when I sent the elves out, they found nothing!

    Trying a complete shutdown and reboot, but I hate losing an elf run 🙁

  9. Is there a way of using an ITunes voucher on android devices? Just thinking about the 20% discount that is going around. that could be a very deal then.

  10. Never bought donuts, might buy $100 worth to finally get some premium character’s if the Gil deal gives me 25% more!

  11. Does anyone know if this quest needs to be done right away?.. or can it be left until closer to the end of the Christmas event? Cuz i currently have Homer hiding out in the tree house and had planned to keep him there for a while so that i could repeatedly send all other characters on the 8 hour hunt for Simpsons task. With the roughly 40 characters hunting for them 3 times a day.. it’s making me close to 3200 gift cards a day.

    • You should be ok, BUT i’d caution you to make sure you do it before Christmas Day if you want the Gil deal to apply to you.

      • its smart to keep the simpson hunt going if they need some of the items on the wheel…i’ve been trying to get the clausco bldg., helter shelter, and snowman for a long while now….i think i have to save the coins and spin them all to get better odds.

        • You can also store the tree house (which will knock Lisa & Homer out of the task with out completing it) freeing up Homer but still allowing you to send the townspeople on a hunt. 🙂

      • Oh.. that’s a good idea. I might just store the tree house. I just want to make sure i get enough coins to get the remaining prizes. As long as kicking them out of the tree house doesn’t count as completing the task.. then i’m good. Thanks Alissa 🙂

      • Hmm… just looked further down the list of comments.. and it seems Cguy tried storing the tree house and it completed the task. 🙁 Guess i better not try that.

        • Yes. Don’t try it, not yet anyway. I (unfortunately) can’t verify it on this particular task because I’ve already completed it. However, I do know that usually it knocks the character out of the task with out completing it, but it may be different if the task is already complete. I’ll have to experiment on another task to see if it works.
          Sorry about that! Usually it’s something that works every time.

  12. I’m truism to catch up on my squidport quests and I thought the Christmas quests were over, so yesterday I sent homer on a 36 hour eat at the frying Dutchman quest. Oof… Well he should be done this evening!

  13. But I don’t waaaaant to free up Homer!!!!

    He and Lisa are hiding waaaay far way from town, in the middle of a forest, so that my Springfielders keep searching for him (and gaining me 1500*3=4500 gift cards a day!!!!

    So, Addictereenos, will I be missing out on anything great by NOT freeing Homer at this time???

    • It should be safe for you to “free” Homer by storing the treehouse (instead of by completing the task). The rest of Springfield will keep searching for him as you have him doing other things.

      I actually never sent him to the tree house yet. The rest of the town is frantically looking for him and Lisa but never seem to notice that they are in the front yard building a snowman and making snow angels.

      • Unfortunately, this didn’t work (storing the tree house). Not only did it complete Homer and Lisa’s 24 hour task of hiding, but it also didn’t give me the reward for completing the task.

        Sigh, but at least Homer is free for tomorrow.

  14. I would say that the Great Donut Caper will be finished by Gil’s offer of discounted donuts.

  15. Hey, where did ppl get this Homer Santa that flies over their towns?

  16. Yay!!!! That is all. *falls back asleep*

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