You Put Christmas WHERE?!

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

We’re currently having second Christmas in my family (ie yet another excuse to over indulge on Christmas cookies and Egg Nog!)  but I’ve decided to step away from the family for a minute (in all honesty…I could use the break they’re a little intense) and check in on my favorite Addicts.  How are my favorite Tap Tap Tapping Addicts doing with their Gift Card Collecting?  Have you gotten all of your prizes yet?  Are you close?  If you’re not…DON’T WORRY we still have 10 days of the event left and as long as you’re following along with Bunny’s Gift Card Calendar you will be set to unlock everything before the event is over!

Now that there’s about 10 days left in the Christmas Event I thought it’d be fun to take a look at your towns and see just where you’ve been putting Christmas!  How is Christmas displayed in your Springfield?  Do you have your own Christmas Village?  Are the decorations spread throughout Springfield?  Or all in one area?  Do all of your houses have lights?  Or just a few?  (or are you still cursing that Holiday Wheel to unlock the rest of them for you?!)  So show us your towns and let’s have a little fun on the Saturday after Christmas shall we?  

Here’s a few Christmas towns I loved from our members over on Flickr and some from my own neighboreenos! 

Here’s our very own Wookiee’s Christmas Town:
Wookiee Winterland
Loving the Christmas City Wookiee!

Here’s our good friend, and frequent visitor of the Addicts Forums Alunited’s Christmas Village:

Here’s a shot from Flickr member Mosley352:

And finally here’s Flickr member Andrejkampe’s view of Evergreen Terrace all lit up for Christmas:

Now it’s your turn Tappers!  Show us your Christmas Springfields!  Upload your photos to Flickr or Dropbox and post the links in the comments below!  Can’t wait to see how creative you all have been with Christmas in your towns!

And now…back to the family and lots and lots AND LOTS of Eggnog! Happy Saturday Tappers!

10 responses to “You Put Christmas WHERE?!

  1. Christmas 2015 hasn’ quite dropped yet but I thought I would share my Christmas Island, since I just found this thread.

  2. Like the Halloween stuff, most of Santa things will probably disappear afterwards somewhere in Spingfield. Like the Tower which doesn’t fit in a “cosy” Christmas village.

    Without snow, the Santa feeling will be gone…

  3. People have really been creative with the Christmas decorations I’m waiting for CluasCo to finish mine off.

  4. Wookie dont wanna show his hacked out town. lol His million of donuts and money.

    • Where is this town you speak of so I can enjoy it? I do have over 11 million in game currency because I’ve been playing for a long time and quite a few donuts courtesy of Gil but unfortunately all my cool stuff has come from my wallet. You can ask ALissa and Bunny, but they actually call me the techno idiot lol. Sorry if that disappoints ya Alice.

    • Awwwww. 🙁
      Why would you think he’d do something like that? For one, the Fuzzball is all thumbs. Secondly, it’s a BIG no no here to use or promote illegal games in anyway. EA would stop being so nice to me and allowing me to call and harass them constantly on the readers behalf. All of the Addicts Team follow those rules. I’m jealous of the Fuzzballs town because he’s been playing pretty much since the game started, so he’s got all the cool toys.

      Once you’ve acquired many multiplier items, quick in game cash is so easy to acquire. This all adds up. You can easily make close to 1 million in 2 weeks or less. You can buy more items full of XP. This in turn leads to a LOT of XP leveling up, which means 3 free donuts each time. Add to that the $$$ invested in Gil deals and it’s very easy to have a plenitude of it all.

      I started in March, but didn’t play hard til May. I’m shocked how fast I make money now. 97% of items I own were freemium items I acquired through events like this. I didn’t purchase donuts until I needed them to help our readers. Now Gil is my buddy. 😉

      It’s ok that you may envy the Fuzzballs town. A lot of us do too. 😉

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