Community Prize #4: Yeeeeesssssss?! The Yes Guy is here!


Hey Howdy Hey Gift Bag Dropping Tappers!

Well 4 down 1 to go!  We’ve hit the magical 975 million mark in our community prize goal and you know what that means….the Yes Guy is here!



That’s right Tappers when you login to you Springfield today you’ll see the message that the Yes Guy has been unlocked and should be live in your Springfield!  He does come with a full list of tasks AND his own questline…not bad for a free character huh?

We’ll be back with the Turbo Tappin’ version of the Yes Guy’s questline AND a WDTCF (yes he’s appeared in several Simpsons episodes) but for now enjoy the new free character we’ve unlocked!

Here’s to 1.2 billion gift bags and the Candy Cane Power Plant skin!

P.S. He is voiced! (Sorry I had my sound off at first…)

Bunny here…Turbo Tappin done and ready to drop on you all in a few hours (it’s so fun to make you wait in anticipation. Muhahahahah.) In the meantime, Yes Guy will be the one to keep available, of course. First up will take 60 min, after that well…I guess you will have to wait n see. 😛

11 responses to “Community Prize #4: Yeeeeesssssss?! The Yes Guy is here!

  1. This is my very first post here, but I thought I’d share the WDTCF on the Yes Guy, who was a real life person, the great Frank Nelson. You can read all about him here:

    • Thanks for the comment and WELCOME TO ADDICTS!! 🙂

      I actually have the Simpsons WDTCF on the Yes Guy coming up. It is already sitting in wait for you to read. Lots of fun tidbits from the Simpson TV land. 😉

  2. The yes guy is annoying cant i sell him on the internet?

  3. We must get them at different times then. I was watching the counter, and as soon as it appeared I checked here – unless you type 1000 wpm, no way you could have gotten the post up that fast!

    Hope you aren’t the one driving!

  4. Wow, this post wasn’t here, and then the Yes Guy appeared, I refreshed TSTOAddicts – and there is was – less than 10 seconds after he was awarded.

    You had this post waiting? Didn’t you, Alissa.

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