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Which Premium Decorations Should I Spend Donuts On? Part 1

Premium decorations do not generate income, instead they produce a “premium decoration bonus”. There is no maximum to the bonus amount , and you can purchase as many premium items as you like. Each purchase helps contribute extra cash and XP percentages to your income generating buildings & tasks. (note: in order for the decorations to give you a bonus they must be out in your town, they cannot be in your inventory)
This version of the premium guide will be a little different than the building and character guides, in that the Pros and Cons won’t be listed for each decoration. Instead this is more a guide as to which decoration will provide you with the most return in both your Conform-O-Meter & in the bonus multiplier. Use this to best maximize the earning potential of your town.

Should I Spend Donuts On This?
Premium Décor Part 1

Decoration: Picket Fence
Donut Price: 1 Donut
Bonus: 0.05%
Bonus% Per Donut Spent: 0.05% per donut spent
Conform-o-Meter Points: Vanity +40
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Is There An Easier Way to Collect Money?

Tapped Out collecting money and xp
The longer you play Tapped Out the more buildings and characters you have in your Springfield.  While this is a great thing, it can also pose a problem when it comes time to collect rent and money from jobs.  When you’ve got a lot of buildings generating rent and a lot of characters finishing their tasks all at once, collecting money and XP can take much longer than it needs to, especially if you’re playing on a smaller device.  Here’s some advice to help make the process easier and faster..
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Should I Spend Donuts on Barney’s Bowlarama?

Wondering if you should add Barney’s Bowlarama to your Springfield?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding the bowlarama to your Springfield.

TSTO Barneys Bowlarama
Building Name: Barney’s Bowlarama
Donut Price: 250 Donuts
Dimensions: 7×12
Payout: $105 & 11xp every 5hours
Return on Investment: $0.42/.044XP/Donut Spent
-It unlocks Barney, one of the regular Simpsons characters not included as a regular character
-Comes with a quest line for Barney
– The Bowlarama is used by Barney, Ned & Homer.
-It’s Barney
-The MOST expensive donut item in the game.
-The worst return on your donut investment in the game
Final: I know it’s expensive, but it’s Barney! If you can swing it, how can you not have him in your town?

Want to find out more about Barney?  Check out his Character Profile here

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Turbo Tappin’ Level 33: Eddie and Lou

Hello Tappers!

Back with another Turbo Tappin’ TSTO walkthrough.  This time we’re going a little back in time for those on Level 38, but something perhaps in the future for new tappers.  We’re Turbo Tappin’ Level 33 and Eddie & Lou!

For those of you who don’t know Turbo Tappin’ is our quick version of a walkthrough for the Level/Update/Character where we give you who starts the quest, the task and what you earn.  This way you have your quick guide on who to keep free and when.  This is great for our fellow Addicts who love to copy and paste the walkthrough into their device for quick reference.  You can check out more of our Turbo Tappin’ Walkthroughs here.

So let’s get to Tappin’ on Level 33!
Snake gets things started in Level 33…

turbo tappin' lvl33

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Should I Spend Donuts On Try-N-Save?

Wondering if you should spend donuts on Try-N-Save?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding the Try-N-Save to your Springfield.

tsto trynsave premium
Building Name: Try-N-Save
Donut Price: 70 Donuts
Dimensions: 7×5
Payout: $60 & 6XP every 2 hours
Return on Investment: $0.86 & 0.085XP/Donut Spent
-The least expensive building that can be purchased for Donuts
-Boosts your Consumerism Rating by 10 points
-Not an overwhelming large building, and fits nicely into a downtown area.
-Not the best return for the donuts spent
-No characters use this building on a regular basis.
Final: If you’re on a tight donut budget save your precious frosted treats for another item. However, if you have some extra donuts to spend this would make a nice addition to your downtown area, as well as provide a consumerism boost in your Conform-o-meter, which is hard to come by.

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