Should I Spend Donuts on Candy Kevin?

Christmas has arrived in Springfield!  But, with all of the new Christmas premium items that are limited-time it may be overwhelming trying to decide which items to buy and what to pass on. With that limited-time label on items I know it can be tempting to just buy everything you can. But, have no fear! That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth your donuts & what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Candy Kevin to your Springfield? Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the Pros and Cons of adding this guy to your Springfield.

Tapped_Out_Candy_KevinCharacter: Candy Kevin
Donut Price: 40 donuts

-Reasonably priced.  At 40 donuts he’s 5 donuts less than the K9 Officer.
-Festive Character for your town

-Despite being a character in Tapped Out Candy Kevin does not come with any tasks, so he is a Non-Playable Character
-No Questline
-After Christmas there really is no point to have him roaming around your Springfield (like the Zombies at Halloween)

Final Thought:
Personally I think you’re better off saving your donuts and passing on this one.  Candy Kevin really provides no benefit to your Springfield and aside from the entertainment value of a man dressed around as a giant Candy Cane, it really has no return for your invested donuts.  So, unless you’ve already purchased all of the other premium characters or you’re a completest, I’d pass on this one and save your donuts.
Just remember whatever you decide this is a LIMITED-TIME character and once it’s gone, it’s gone…so be sure to get it before the event is over if you’re thinking about it.

What to know more about Candy Kevin and why he’s making an appearance in Springfield?  Check out Wookiee’s Where did THAT come from post here. 

Curious if other holiday items are worth the donuts?  Check out our premium guide over on our Christmas Event Page for the details behind all of the Limited-Time Holiday premium items! 

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