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Medieval 3D 101: Building a Castle

Battle Buddies ATTENTION!

Lmbo… I sure don’t miss military formations.  Anywho… with all the war going on in our towns, the history geek in me has been reminiscing about wars I enjoyed learning about.  Wasn’t it General Patton who said, “No tapper ever won a war by leaving dead buildings in his country. They won it by making the other poor dumb tapper rebuild in his country.”  I’m pretty sure that’s word for word lol.

During events, there’s lots and lots of facts and info to put out and Alissa and Bunny are true masters at compiling and producing those posts.  In the back office, I help as much as I can while spending more time than I should decorating in my town and copying their answers to comments.  While this may seem like an admission of sloth (don’t worry, they know), it does occassionally bear fruit for me to share.  This post is one example so without further words, I bring you a 3D tutorial for building a castle thingy in your town. Continue reading

Elixir vs. Gold

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

For the first time that I can remember an event has TWO types of currency associated with it!  The Clash of Clones Event uses both Elixir and Gold to advance in the event, so what’s the difference between each one?  What do they each do?  Let’s break it all down….

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffcrate        Gold

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Clash of Clones Glitch Report Take 3: Today’s Update, Elixir, Marge, Depleted Payouts and More…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another day another set of glitches, this update seems to be full of some odd ones!  So let’s get straight to the latest report…

Addict Tech Support

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In Game Update

Hey there Hoppereenos. Looks like some of the fixes we were waiting for hit our games.


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Character Level Up

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Springfield has been transported back in time and things are looking vaguely familiar to another mobile game out there.  Oh the Clash of the Clones is upon us!  And with it arrives 4 new character skins for Homer, Lisa, Bart & Marge!

One of the new aspects of this event versus previous events is Leveling up.  With Clash of Clones you can level up your Castles AND Characters (only the Simpsons).  Castle level ups improve your town defense, increase your nerd production and increase your max nerd total, among other things.  Castle levels ups cost Elixir, the new in game currency for the event, but Character level ups those cost Gold, the prize currency for the event.  So, just what do character level ups do?  Let’s take a look and find out….

Homer Barbarian Commanding TroopsMarge throw Fireballsunlock_lisa_archer Bart Goblin Check for Traps

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Elixir Wednesday Is Back!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in to let it’s Wednesday…and that means that non-addictive Elixir is once again available in your game for today only (well and every Wednesday until the event is over).  So for today only you can purchase MORE elixir for donuts.

Something new EA is trying with this event…and you can only purchase currency 1 day a week (remember Elixir is required to purchase things AND level up your castles BUT it will not unlock prizes for you…only Gold can unlock prizes)…and that day is Wednesday.

Elixir will be available for purchase in your store from 0800GMT today (Wednesday) and run for 24hrs (until 0800GMT Thursday morning).   More details below the fold…

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffpack     ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffcrate         ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffvat

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What Are My Max Nerds?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well we’re in the thick of battle in Springfield, as the Clash of Clones event has taken over our towns!  We’ve got nerds raiding friends and neighbors as they fight to the death for YOU, their Sky Finger masters!

So by now we all know that nerds are who when send on raids, and how we earn Gold, but what many of you are asking is…just how many nerds can you train for battle in your town before you max out?   Well to find the answer we’ll have to do a little math, we are dealing with nerds after all!

Increase Nerd Production       Increase Max Nerds

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And now a quick 2D break from the Battlefront

Hello hello to all you TSTO warriors.  All this battling has got the resident fuzzball’s brain going a bunch of different ways.  My town has certainly become a war zone and I’m finding myself in a heightened state of creative readiness.  That being said, my town is every day being tinkered with.  I even resurrected an old 2D lettering job of mine.  I think it both sums up this event nicely AND shows my love for one of my favorite things.  Nothing super fancy but click more if you’re interested.

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Turbo Tappin’ Medieval Style: Clash of Clones Side Quests

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With this new update we’ve been transported back in time and Springfield has gone Medieval on us!  Either that or we’ve been transported into another game all together!  In either case…new event means new questline.  New questline means time for another Turbo Tappin’ Walkthrough!

We’ve already covered the main questline of this event here, so in this post we’ll tackle the side quests that will pop up during the event.  These quests are where you’ll unlock Archer Lisa (Eco Castle)  and Goblin Bart (Boxed In).  Remember these quests will not start until you’ve reached Part 9 of the main questline and completed it.

We’re also going to cover the Extreme Castle Makeover questline that will start once you’ve build the Barbarian Castle.  We’ll cover that first since it pops up before the other two in the game…

So now what are we waiting for?  Let’s get to tappin’!


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Castle Level Ups

So you got yourself tossed back into some Medieval Times Clash of Clones war. You need somewhere to stay, right? So why not build a Castle…or Three. Lol.

In this post I will be going over the basics of building the Castles and what it means to “Level Up” each one.


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